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Candidates OK with gay-themed children’s books

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 29 Sep 2007, 11:41pm

    Hillary Clinton’s clawed her way to the top of the food chain in the presidential follies. Even Bush says she’ll win. She’s the Heir Apparent to the White House with a bone crushing lead in the polls; a payoff for her skills in the tricky feat of pleasing everyone while displeasing no one.For the last year or so she’s been hustling across the country, Bible clutched to bosom, ‘dialoging ‘with antiabortion christians and repeating Bill Clintons warning that samesex marriage is the ‘kiss of death’ for Democrats. Her approach to most questions related to gay and lesbian rights is vague assurances and hints that things might improve if she’s elected. Otherwise her policy is to keep her mouth shut and tiptoe around the issues. She’s perfectly aware that if we hear what she really thinks we’ll turn on her. The only time she and the other Democrats actually get a backbone is on the question of the war. They’re unambiguously for it and vote to fund it. (Sometimes to kill two birds with one stone they’ll attach riders like the Hate Crimes bill to war funding bill.) At a recent debate Clinton, Obama and Edwards showed their true colors. This is how the Washington Post of Saturday, September 29, 2007 described it: “In their debate Wednesday night in Hanover, N.H., none of the three top Democratic presidential candidates would promise to have the U.S. military out of Iraq by January 2013 — more than five years from now. “I think it would be irresponsible” to state that, said Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.). “I cannot make that commitment,” added former senator John Edwards of NC. And Hillary Clinton said “It is very difficult to know what we’re going to be inheriting.”

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Oct 2007, 12:21pm

    Clinton, Obama and Edwards are nothing more than moderate conservatives dressed in socalled democratic clothing. They’re like any other politician who will do or say anything to get elected. None have the courage to stick their necks out and go the extra mile with the exception of Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel who obviously don’t stand a chance because they’re honest and genuinely interested in equality. Clinton is in denial. She really believes recognizing civil unions with the all the federal rights of marriage is the way to go. She forgets that 27 states already have the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in place, a bill her husband swiftly defended and supported recognizing that marriage should be only between one man and one woman, so what good does she think these discriminatory unions will accomplish? None of the three frontrunners will get my vote, they haven’t earned it.

  3. Bill Perdue 2 Oct 2007, 12:52am

    Republicans are baboons in people suits, with a christian totalitarian attached at the hip. Democrats are Republicans in drag. This obviously dosn’t apply to the deluded minority of people who vote for these parties but it does apply virtually without exception to the candidates, office holders and owners of these parties. There is no hope of reforming them and gays and lesbians who try that are in a political closet, marginalized and impotent. The 2008 round of the presidential follies will end with a Democratic victory and that will destroy them. They’ll begin paying the penalty for decades of pretending to be the allies of working people, minorities, women, etc. They’re trapped between a rock and a hard place as growing political volatility makes it impossible for them to carry on substituting promises and posturing for real world political results. People want genuine change.For the present the best option for is to join and build the union controlled US Labor Party where we can fight for our agenda for full equality free of obstruction by theocrats and backstabbers.

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