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General says gays are immoral – again

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  1. Goodness me, is this silly queen at it again! I wonder whether she has a little something to hide herself?!

  2. Bill Perdue 28 Sep 2007, 9:22am

    The military and naval leadership of the US is awash with trigger happy jihadists ready and willing to kill someone, anyone, for Jesus and the President. They update active plans to attack Iran, North Korea and Venezuela for Bush2, who, like Bush1 (Panama, Iraq1) has no qualms about butchering civilians who get in the way. Their misleadership is responsible for crimes against humanity in Iraq including the mass murder of 650,000 civilians and resistance fighters, widespread illegal detentions, torture and a deliberate policy of arming and pitting religious and regional groups against each other in deadly communal warfare. Divide et impera …The US military command in Iraq, safe in bunkers in the Green Zone, refuses to aid gays caught by the Shiite and Sunni death squads and don’t bat an eye when our brothers are butchered. Here in the US their misleadership and bigotry are responsible for the harassment, beatings and lynchings of gay and lesbian service members. Their misleadership and brinksmanship constantly provoke powerful nations like the Russian Federation and China and pose a threat to world peace.If the Democrats and Republicans were honest leaders instead of spineless chickenhawks * in the service of the military industrial complex they’d dismiss all general officers who refused, as did JCS chairman Pace, to disavow bigotry, misogyny, warmongering, and the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, and soon, Iran. Congress has the power to strip Pace of his rank and retirement benefits and send him to prison for inciting bigots in the military to harass, injure and lynch gays and lesbians. Don’t hold your breath; decency is a very rare commodity in the United State of America. ‘Can any of you seriously say the Bill of Rights could get through Congress today? It wouldn’t even get out of committee.’ F. Lee Bailey, noted civil libertarian and defense attorney* – I’m referring only to the bad kind of chickenhawks, like Mitt Romney,the Republican moron whose five sons, like the pampered brats of the rich and politically connected are cowards who refuse to enlist and risk combat in Iraq. Yet they and their chickenshit chickenhawk parents continue to support the oil piracy in Iraq war which chews up young GI’s and Iraqi children at a ferocious rate.

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