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Ministers answer gay questions at Stonewall event

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Reader comments

  1. brave brave words, for the rich the connected and the safe. No matter how much we try and ask for equailty, we will have to wait a long time before it filters through to every one. I live in social housing , have been subjected to five years of abuse and harrassment. The people that have doen this to me have no respect for any laws, never mind the question of equality. They were taught from their parents that gay is wrong, and an easy target, and they will teach their children this. Ignorence is an ugly evil thing, and until we break this on all levels, we will never get gay equality.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Sep 2007, 3:52pm

    Anon, you’re absolutely right, homophobia is learned behaviour and fostered by centuries of religious bigotry and intolerance, nothing has changed. We have to turn it around on them and give it right back. Freedom and equality aren’t free, they have to be fought for and won.

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