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Exclusive: Gordon Brown parties at gay disco

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Reader comments

  1. “In the last ten years, from make poverty history to campaigns on disability, gay rights and the environment, Britain has changed for the better, not just because of government, but because of movements that have gone beyond traditional parties, captured people’s imaginations and transformed people’s lives.”Like Stonewall,Gordon, who eventually compelled you as Chancellor to concede on Inheritance Tax exemptions and public service pension rights for registered same sex couples – something that you doggedly refused right up to the last minute. If you believed in gay rights,Gordon,why didn’t you get out of bed and go to the Houses of Parliament and vote for them?It is deeds that count,Gordon,not speech writers’ words put in because your political minders are telling you that the Gay Vote is important and you must conceal your own distaste for homosexuality otherwise Cameron will get their votes.

  2. Nice photo, much better than the manky one with the beige background.Gendy is very wrong, Cameron is the enemy not Gordon. Watch this space, you’ll be presently surprised. And, unlike the limp Cameron, Gordon has his party behind him. Well, technically so does Cameron but half of them are standing behind him with knives and the other half are standing above him pulling his strings.We don’t want a Thunderbird Prime Minister who’s final worlds may as well be Et tu Bruté. Vote blue, get Nazi.

  3. Sorry,after 32 years of engaging in Labour politics,Gendy is very right – he knows what of he speaks!Blair was responsible for the Gay Rights Agenda in New Labour not the Church of Scotland Minister’s son in the starched knickers.A good dose of anti-nauseant pills before he went to the “gay” disco and Sarah giving him a good scrubdown in the shower afterwards is nearer the mark.Anyone watching the November 2004 debate in the House of Commons on the Civil Partnerships Act could see quite clearly who the real advocates of the Bill were – Alan Duncan Charles Hendry with support from David Bercow.The lacklustre and unenthusisastic performance from the Labour Ladies charged with getting the Bill through an unresisting House showed clearly how many in New Labour regarded this as an unpleasant chore which might bring them into disfavour with the Prime Minister in Waiting.No!,No! Gordo at the gay ball is only because Gordo knows that there are 3,000,000 GLBT voters out there and he wants those votes but as cheaply as possible.When Brown stepped into No10 as PM – any further progress on Gay Rights ceased. The Gay Vote cold well be the key to No10 for Gordo and Cameron – don’t let us sell it so cheaply.

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