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Hillary Clinton tackles lesbian rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 24 Sep 2007, 7:06pm

    The Advocate’s analysis Hillary Clinton is the Disneyland version of political reality. If Hillary Clinton gets in we’ll see a curdled rerun of Bill Clinton sans the sax and sex. Get set for a long war; she supports Bush’s plans to nuke Iran, voted for and votes to sustain the unlawful genocidal invasion of Iraq and insists that the ‘surge’ is working. The opposite is true; it’s led to more GI’s getting mauled and more Iraqis getting murdered. She avoids discussing full equality for gays and lesbians because she’s against it. The best you can expect from her is a modest coat of cosmetics to conceal real problems. She isn’t the most qualified candidate but she’s home schooled by Bill Clinton, who thinks same sex marriage is ‘the kiss of death’ for Democrats. (It will be, just not the way he thinks.) Hillary blames Gore, not the Bill and Monica Show for their heartbreak in 2000. She blames everybody BUT Bill Clinton and his DOMA for their fiasco in 2004. His signature on DOMA and his ringing endorsement of bigot (read traditional) values manna from heaven for the Republicans who used it to scapegoat us and get reelected in 2004. The other reason Democrats lost is because they could scarcely make an issue of the war; it’s their war as much as Bushes, and that’s never been truer than now. Now here’s a puzzle. How did Bill Clinton, a simple backwoods Arkansas lawyer get to be a gazillionaire. Was it a freak bank error or did he sell his soul to big business and the obscenely and push us under the bus. He and the Democrats helped ram DOMA and DADT into law. When he did stand tall it was on the backs of working people. He fought hard for NAFTA, an agreement calculated to erode the standard of living of union and non-union workers in Canada, Mexico and the US. He pardoned rich criminals like fugitive financier Marc Rich, while abandoning political prisoners to their fate. Hillary Clinton’s one big chance to show off her political cleverness, aside from being the midwife of DOMA, was her botched health care bill. It was crafted by the very insurance companies that would have profited from it. But, as luck would have it, it was so byzantine and tortuous that no one with an average Congressional IQ could get make heads or tails of it. It died of mortification. For the last year or so she’s crossed the country, Bible pressed to bosom, ‘dialoging’ with christian bigots, misogynists and anti abortion fanatics. It’s paid off. Robert Murdoch, the obscenely rich owner of Faux News and several right wing rags that would make the editors of Der Angriff blush with envy graciously hosted a private tête-à-tête for her at the Fox News building in 2006 where she no doubt made her deal(s) with the Devil. Unlike some poor deluded suckers, the obscene rich don’t give a rat’s ass who’s in power. They’re serenely confident that if they find a democrat or Republican in the Oval Office they’re for sale. They haven’t been disappointed since U.S. Grant took office in 1868. Hillary Clinton is so caught up in the Washington culture of graft and corruption that she has no problem defending her ties with lobbyists (the ones delivering briefcases full of big bucks to grease the wheels of government for the obscenely rich). She’s particularity fond, as she says, of lobbyists who “represent corporations that employ a lot of people.” She, like Bill Clinton, is a consummate opportunist and a gifted liar. She changes her position as often as most people change their clothes. And nobody in the Democratic and Republican bats an eye. Her administration would be a sour rehash of Bush2 and Clinton1. Who needs eight more years of that.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Sep 2007, 8:02pm

    Bill, Clinton, Obama and Edwards are all tied to the corporate and military industrial complex. None of them will get my vote since all three are against full equality for LGBTQ people. Her universal health care plan is deeply flawed and tied into insurance companies which have absolutely no place in the delivery or nondelivery of health care. Dennis Kucinich is the only one I’d vote for, the only one who has had the guts to say he supports gay marriage equality and universal health care. All that needs to be done is to expand medicare and open it up to every citizen, tweaking, improving and refining it in the process. Its already a socialized program as is the military, police, fire dept., public school system, all of which conservatives want to abolish and privatize, a recipe for disaster.

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