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Christian theatre group condemns comedian’s Emmy speech

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  1. I’d just like to say to Kathy Griffin that her eternity depends on whether or not she has a relationship with Jesus. It is by the spilling of his blood that we have abundant and eternal life. If she rejects it and cannot accept it on faith then she will spend an eternal life in agony, and I don’t think her award will bring her comfort at that point. In the book of Romans it tells us that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. It also tells us the wages of sin is death but the free gift of eternal life is ours when we believe Jesus is the son of God. I choose to believe whether I have seen God or not. We believe in the wind – yet have we seen the wind? Faith and Trust is what God wants from us. That is what builds a relationship. Kathy, you are treading on thin ice… Read God’s word and let Him speak to you. I will be praying for you. God loves you as he loves all as he sent his only son to die for us. Your fame and awards will one day disappear – where will you spend eternity?

  2. why don’t you go back to your own place Cutiepie?You think that everyone who doesn’t comply with your particular view of life is on line for damnation, so STFU. Especially queers. Well newsflash – the majority of us don’t agree with your take on things, and many of us don’t even believe in your sky god. You’re not wanted here; there’s more than enough websites for you fundies to express your own particular vile form of hatefulness.Does anyone else feel that we’re being targetted – first “Hank” now this “Cutiepie”?

  3. Ciaran McMahon 25 Sep 2007, 11:35am

    “I choose to believe whether I have seen God or not.”Yeah, Cutiepie, but you forgot to add that you don’t seem to care if others choose NOT to believe they have seen god. Another case of believe what I believe because there is no other point of view but mine.”Seeing god”, by the way, is perhaps an early warning sign you are suffering from hallucinations or a form dementia. I’d get that checked out.As for “where will you spend eternity?”. Well my dear, I’d prefer to spend it anywhere away from you, you dull cow.Why spout this nonsense on THIS site??? Aren’t there enough religious fuck-wit sites out there for you and your half baked ideas of salvation? Now, as I told Hank, the same to you: fuckoff.

  4. Ciaran McMahon 25 Sep 2007, 11:45am

    “Does anyone else feel that we’re being targeted – first “Hank” now this “Cutiepie”?”Absolutely. I mean, why do they bother? Even an idiot knows we wont be swayed by their unproven bigotry and pathetic rhetoric… shows their level of intelligence for trying. That Hank fellow was bordering on insane hysterics with his ranting, and now we have little miss my-god-bleeds-all-over-himself-for-me- and-I-orgasm-like-a-whore.I think we should start a movement to go on to christian sites and demand they engage in gay sex in as much graphic detail as we can. See how they like it, the morons.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Sep 2007, 1:06pm

    Ladies/Gentlemen, I strongly urge all of you to IGNORE Cutiepie, Hank or maybe they are the same person who knows, who cares. By responding, you enable them. Say nothing, they’ll soon grow tired and move on elsewhere to agitate and annoy. We know what is going to come out of their mouths, so don’t exacerbate the situation by allowing them to get to you. These are sad, pathetic, self-loathing, psychotic gay men, jesus freaks, need I say more?

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Sep 2007, 1:09pm

    apYRs, they’re probably from the U.S. We have plenty of them over here and its a sign as to just how desperate they are. My advice is to ingnore them, don’t even respond, they get off on that knowing they’ve upset you. They’re all deeply closeted gay men who couldn’t find a cure in the ex-gay ministries, that’s all. They’re actually envious of you and I so just let them rant, they’ll soon grow tired when nobody responds.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Sep 2007, 1:16pm

    Ciaran, I hear you and understand. As I’ve said in other posts, IGNORE them. We enable them by responding, they’ll soon grow tired of the useless rantings. These are very sick people. They get a high from annoying us, so say nothing. They’re probably from the U.S., desperate for attention.I wouldn’t waste my time and energy giving the same back to them. We’re far better than they are and better adjusted, socially and morally. They are the ones with issues, not us. Don’t dignify their hatred by talking to them.

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