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George Michael AIDS story “stimulates debate.”

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Reader comments

  1. I can scarcely believe that pinknews has published this bigoted, one-sided diatribe.”Yet the man runs from himself and turns his back on everything he stands for when he refuses to get tested for HIV”Last time I checked, George Michael was a guy with a better than average voice that makes records. I am not aware that being blessed with a better voice than me, he is exempt from the fear and worry that we all suffer from time to time. Is it really fair to him that we should expect him to be?Having an HIV test is an entirely personal choice. I am disgusted that this guy should be demonised for a decision not to have one.There may be a strong medical case for testing, but no one really knows what is going on his head. I’m sure he knows the medial case for testing, but he unlike us, DOES know what is going on in his mind.HIV testing is not compulsory and, as long as it isn’t, George Michael and anyone else are entirely at liberty not to have one.I have HIV and I’m going to die much earlier than I would have likely died had I not contracted it. The infection caused a chain of events that will ultimately cause (or to be more correct “are causing”) a painful and unpleasant death. No vaccine, cure, or improvements in combination therapies will save me, or even stave off the inevitable now. Every hope and dream I had for the future have been thwarted. Everything I worked so hard for will soon be gone.My situation may not be so common these days, but I am by no means unique.HIV for Ryan may be standing on a soap box burning his bra, but for some of us it is still that apocalyptic image of an iceberg.

  2. I fully support george in his right to decide if he wants a test or not. Its up to him.

    1. Many people may reach this page now that, four years on, he is suffering from a possible AIDS related disease…


      1. Harry Potter 30 Nov 2011, 10:38am

        You call yourself Realist, yet you may be infecting people with Herpes, Hepatitis A or B, Syphilis, Ghonorhea, TB, etc, etc………………all potentially deadly in their own rights, and incidentally all far more infectious than HIV, as hepatitis can be transmitted by a handshake.

  3. Whilst Im disappointed that George Michael didn’t take the test (perhaps it could have helped many people who are too nervous, perhaps not), the very fact that the test is being discussed is a good thing.

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