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Court supports Maryland’s ban on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. “The court found that the state has a legitimate right to oppose gay marriage…..”Now if we reworded it:”The court found that the state has a legitimate right to oppose mixed-race marriage….” would it have been acceptable. I think not.

  2. I’m glad that the MD Ct. of Appealshad the “guts” to stand that thetraditional marriage of one man andone woman is wholesome and has provided well for 5,000 years ofcivilized society and that a smallgroup 2%-3% of the population cannotimpose their will on the the vastmajority of the US population.

  3. It’s actually 9 couples and one widower – so, 19 people, not 19 couples.Hank,I’d do a bit more reading before suggesting that marriage has really been “one man one woman” for 5000 years of history.If you knew my family, you wouldn’t be so cavalier about our protections.

  4. Also,My marriage being legal is no more imposing MY will upon YOU any more than your (hypothetical) inter-religious marriage being legal is you imposing YOUR will upon ORTHODOX JEWS.

  5. Ciaran McMahon 20 Sep 2007, 7:40am

    What wrong Hank, no fun on the “straight” sites, so you had to come to a gay one?I hate preaching closet queers like this fool.

  6. I’m interested in understanding human nature in all of its forms.I study human behavior in itsdeepest aspects — good, bad andindifferent. I want to know howhomosexuals think and discuss issues,so I read websites of all types.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Sep 2007, 1:27pm

    Hank, if you look closely at the statistics on hetero marriage in the U.S., you’ll find that approximately one in two fail, no fault or influence by the prospect of marriage equality for gay people; heterosexuals philander while married, they father children with other women while married; some have a bisexual side to their lives so they cheat with either sex; they divorce as much as they change their underwear, Britney Spears comes to mine, married one or two days and then files for divorce; wives are sometimes the victims of spousal abuse, both verbal and physical; children are molested by their parent(s), the list is endless. You just don’t get it do you, its the straights who are the biggest threat to marriage not us. What would you think if the LGBTQ community pushed for legislation to ban heterosexual people from marrying if a) they cannot reproduce because of some medical condition, or b) they elect never to have children? Should we also push for a ban on divorce too and forbid a man from marrying his brother’s widow? Should we also ban interracial marriage (miscegenation) as well, something the U.S. used to practice up until the 60s I might add? How would you feel if you were denied the more than 1000 rights that the federal government in the U.S. confers automatically on heterosexual couples via marriage that are denied to gay taxypaying citizens? Nobody should be denied a marriage licence simply because they love their partner which is what marriage first and foremost is all about, not raising children which is secondary. This man/woman nonsense is all man-made crap and was primarily for raising children to fight for land and fighting in wars, nothing more. Women were considered property, not a love or sex interest.You sound like a deeply closeted gay man with a lot of issues. Come out or live a life of pain and suffering just as Larry Craig and his ilk are doing. Don’t be a statistic.

  8. Oh, sure you do Hank. Right, only here for research.What a load of toss. Ciaran’s right, you’re a closet queer.

  9. Hello all: I’d like to have meaningful dialogue with anyone who is opento a rational approach to talkingabout homosexuality beyond a humannature perspective as I belivemankind has a spiritual nature thattakes one beyond the animal naturebehavior alone. I don’t hate homosexuals, in factI truly feel sorry for them. If aman can’t look someone like RachelRay, Christina Aguilera, Rene Fleming, or someone similar andnot get a normal attraction response,you’ve lost great pleasure in life. Because homosexuality is only2%-3% of the general population, youhave to be careful with the figures,studies, profiles, etc. you publicizebecause there’s not much validity tothings you tend to say as fact. Check out the Guttmacher Institute Study,The Univ. of Chicago Study, The U.S.Census Bureau Studies, The MinnesotaAdolescent Health Survey, plus otherrespected works. Don’t be tossingout the flawed Kinsey papers, whichhave been shown to be very poor withtheir research. I get a kick out of how the homosexuals direct their emphasisthat anyone opposiing theirlifestyle are homophobics or closet gays. Because you don’t know me, youcouldn’t be further from the truth. I know that most of you opposereparative therapy, but that is avalid option for those who don’tlike living as homosexuals and wantto change to living a heterosexuallifestyle, and many are successfulif they’re properly motivated andproperly treated.

  10. Hank,It really irks me when people say they feel sorry for me. I’m in a great, healthy relationship, just got married, and in general have a great life. Telling me you “feel sorry” for me is insulting.It’s nice that you find Rachel Ray, etc. attractive. Gay men find MEN attractive, so they have that same response… just with people you don’t approve of. They’re not missing out on anything, they’re just *different from you*.I, on the other hand, am attracted to women just like you are. However, your list isn’t really my type. I have a “normal attraction response” when I look at my wife (a smokin’ hot redhead). There may be other women who create that response in me, too, but right now I’m a newlywed and only have eyes for her. Does thinking Orlando Bloom is hot make me a little bit bi? Oh, so be it. I’m still in love with my wife.Why would you think that being a relatively small number of the population makes any studies on us suspect? Get thee to a statistics class! Learn about sample sizes! There are plenty of us to make meaningful studies. If there’s any “fact” in particular that you wish to talk about, let’s talk, but don’t say that because we’re 2-3% of the population, everything we say is suspect. It just makes you look uneducated.FWIW, I don’t think you’re a closet case, just ignorant and opinionated.I also have nothing against someone choosing to be celibate or trying their best to have a heterosexual relationship (as long as they warn their spouse what they’re getting into, because they’ll probably be hurt in the end, one way or another). That’s their life, their decision. But “ex-gay” therapy by psychiatrists in a place of trust is harmful and ineffective, and shouldn’t be put forth as anything scientifically valid, and should NEVER be forced on minors or compulsory in any way.

  11. P.S.I have a spiritual nature.It loves my wife, too.

  12. LGB people may not want to change if they were treated with respect by a lot of those who think we’re abnormal etc.I don’t want you to like mw, I probably wouldn’t like you, but how dare you treat me as second class (while benefitting from my taxes!!), and interfere with my life

  13. William, Dublin 20 Sep 2007, 10:04pm

    “I don’t hate homosexuals, in factI truly feel sorry for them.”Well, Hank, I don;t hate idiots like you, I truly feel sorry for them.I am proud of what and who I am, and no self righteous twat like you will tell me otherwise. We gay people dont need, want, or desire your “pity” or understanding.How dare you presume we need your brand of “therapy”. Therapy to become what exactly? Like you? Small and uneducated? No thanks. You’ll find gay is what we are and gay is what we are proud to be.So, here’s a suggestion:- forget your misguided and foolish efforts to convert us, and fuckoff out of this site. Your inbred kind are ten a penny.

  14. Ciaran McMahon 20 Sep 2007, 10:50pm

    What never ceases to amaze me is why the ignorant like this Hank chappie (nice name by the way, easy to spell) spend so much time worried about what gay people get up to? Really, what’s up with them?Regardless of religious “convictions”, as the sex lives of gay people have zero impact on the lives and well-being of straight people, in fact no one should really give a damn want they get up to. Yet these people still insist on coming onto a site like this and ranting at us. Do they actually expect us to change? Why not spend the time saving the whales instead?There has to be something more behind it. I don’t care what you say Hank, logic dictates you must be harbouring some inner struggle that you have to project on us. You’re spending way too much energy and thought on this but without the ability to understand what you’re talking about. That can only mean two things: stupidity or projection. I’m not sure if its closet homosexuality, or erectile dysfunction, but you seriously have to ask yourself why you do this. And don’t give me the “I’m a student of humanity” crap, that’s just nonsense! I have two university science degrees, so I’m not an idiot… and no one here believes that rubbish for one second either. And its too easily to put it down to religion… religion does breed ignorance, yes, but there’s bigger fish to fry than gay people. So its back to square one, there MUST be an underlying reason for this singular focus behaviour, and Occam’s Razor would dictate that its because they are gay themselves but unable to accept this reality for whatever reason.Tell you what, you change into a homosexual for us, and tell us what it feels like. And when you do, we’ll all gladly give heterosexuality a shot. If you can’t change your sexuality, or are unwilling to, then maybe you can get a glimmer of why someone gay wouldn’t like to do the same either? If you can’t understand that simple analogy, than you truly are a fool, and don’t deserve our efforts to talk equally to you. I’ll just reiterate William’s sentiments… fuck off and stop bothering us.

  15. Folks, you’re wasting your time trying to reason with an inbred like Hank… his kind bangs their sister on the back of a pick-up after downing a few pints of that they brewed in the out-house from pig urine. He hasn’t the capacity to listen or learn.All you have to do is read that lame up-his-own-arse crap about “changing” sexuality and the unsubstantiated figures about the gay population to see he has the IQ of a chair leg. Just ignore him.

  16. Hank, how the hell can you demand a “rational” conversation when you say you “truly feel sorry for” gay people? What a self righteous fool you must be. You want to talk about “converting” gay people? Anyone with any education knows this is flawed, sexuality cannot be changed. If you are the student of human nature you claim to be then you’d be aware of true scientific research, not this right wing propaganda babble you’re spouting. I’m guessing you haven’t opened a book in a while, at least one that wasn’t the bible.Personally, I do hope you’re not gay… we have a (proven) reputation for being more educated than our straight counterparts, and as Ed quite rightfully pointed out, you don’t seem to bright.

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Sep 2007, 1:10pm

    Hank, come out of the closet will you? If not, why don’t you devote your time and energy to heterosexual marriages that are in serious trouble. Why don’t you try to find out why straight men cheat on their wives and vice versa? Find out why men beat up their wives, abuse their children (paedophilia is highest among heteros if you check your statistics) and father children out of wedlock. THOSE are the people you should feel sorry for. Get a life or better yet, find yourself a nice man to settled down with and be happy.

  18. Hello all.I had created a detailed message for Karen, William, Ciaran, and Anonymous this morning but it wouldn’t go through so I lost it all.From now on I’m directing eachmessage to one person so it’s notso long and detailed — perhaps it’llgo through without getting lost.I have answers to each of your questions, and have questions toeach of you, so I hope we can continue to express our thoughts.I don’t expect to change yourbeliefs any more than you expectme to change my beliefs, but Ido have important issues to discuss with you on an intellectuallevel if you’ll go along with it.It would be great to work to get to the truth of the matter, as best wecan on such a highly debated matter.Hope you’ll have patience throughall these computer glitches.

  19. TO KAREN: First, you called me ignorant andopionated.Let’s see what WEBSTER’S COLLEGEDICTIONARY says:IGNORANT: Having little knowledge,education, or experience on aparticular subject.I have a BS degree from Purdue Uinv.and did 1 1/2 yrs. postgraduate workat Western Michigan Univ. I’vehad over 50 articles published invarious magazines ( I don’t thinkeditors easily accept articles fromignorant writers).OPINION: a belief not based on absolute certainty or positiveknowledge, but on what seems true,valid or probable to one’s ownmind.BELIEF: the state of holding conviction or acceptance that certainthings are true or real.I believe I hold a belief more thansimply an opinion.How about your Karen? Where do youstand with opinions or a beliefsystem?Regarding that I get to a statisticsclass and learn about sample size –as overlooking the 2%-3% homosexualgroup amd their studies.BIOLOGICAL CAUSES FOR HOMOSEXUALITY:

  20. To Karen again:The message was cut off — don’t knowwhat’s happening.BIOLOGICAL CAUSES FOR HOMOSEXUALITY.The 3 most prominent studies have beena brain study (Simon LeVay), a twinstudy (Michael Bailey Richard Pillard) and a genetic study (DeanHamer). Numerous problems exist with thesestudies and the statistical validityand reliability is questioned whenthe replication of these studies isconducted. There’s also the potential for biasin these studies because LeVay ishomosexual, Bailey is a homosexual,and Hamer and at least one of hisother team members were homosexual. These kinds of studies with thesetypes of researchers/scientists cause the trusted scientific communityto question research that mightbe biased to begin with.You say ex-gay therapy is harmful,ineffective.”Some people do change their sexualorientation” Dr. John Money, “Gay,Straight, and In-Between.””Despite the rhetoric of homosexualactivits, all studies which haveattempted conversion from homosexuality to heterosexuality havehad significant success” Dr. GlenWood Dr. John Dietrich. The AIDSEpidemic: Balancing Compassion and Justice.”I have recently had occasion to review the result of psychotherapywith homosexuals and have beensurprised by the findings — a considerable percentage of overthomosexual become heterosexual”Dr. Ruben Fine, Psychoanalytic Theory,Male and Female Homosexuality:Psychological Approaches.I have other things to discuss but will end before the computer screwsup.

  21. TO CIARAN MCMAHON; You said I “come onto a site andranting at us.” I came with legitimate questions –not ranting. You said “I have 2 UniversityScience degrees so I’m not an idiot.I never said homosexuals were notintelligent, but I believe theylack wisdom. You say why don’t I spend my timesaving the whales…instead of dealingwith homosexual sex lives. There are many other seriousissues I’m interested in: abortion,euthanasia, genetic engineering, crime and punishment, drug abuse, divorce, pornography, gambling aswell as homosexuality. Right nowI find the homosexuality issuemost challenging. Perhaps nextweek I’ll take on gambling addiction.They’re all interesting, but they’reall self destructive lifestyles andthat makes me concerned — as a student of human nature!You say “Logic dictates I must beharbouring some inner struggle that you have to project on us.”To the contrary, when I hear suchaccusations that I’m a closet gayor homophobic from a “self-ordainedanalyst” I conclude that personis trying to assuge deep hiddenguilt, insecuity, depression orlonliness by trying to divert the problem to the opposition. We’ll talk again?

  22. TO WILLIAM: You state “how dare you pressurewe need your brand of therapy…forget your misguided and foolisheffort to convert us.”Are you saying that every homosexualis happy with their lifestyle? Doyou not believe some homosexuals truly don’t like their lifestyle –not because “society” discriminatesagainst them but because they deeplyhate the homosexual feelings. There are studies thatshow many want to change but there’sa “homosexual atmosphere” that says”Once gay, always gay. You areborn gay.” No such medical studiesshow that to be a fact. In essenceyou’re killing all hope for anyhomosexual who wants to change, butgroups like Exodus International provides a network of 90 organizationsthat specialize in helping homosexualsleave their lifestyle and change theirsexual orientation. Some who feel”lost” commit suicide because theysee no way out — that’s wrong.

  23. TO ANONYMOUS: You say “regarding convertinggays, anyone with any education knowsthis is flawed…sexuality cannotbe changed. I’m guessing you haven’topened a book in awhile, at leastone that wasn’t the bible. Youdon’t seem to be bright.”Check out these sources,”No genetic factor — sexual orotherwise — has been found thatwould differentiate persons withhomosexual tendencies from others.”Dr. Gerhard van den Aardweg.”The idea that people are born intoone type of sexual behavior isfoolish,” John DeCecco, editorof the Pro-Gay “Journal ofHomosexuality.””There’s no possibilty of someonedeveloping homosexuality fromhereditary or organic causes — it’sjust impossible” Professor Charles Socarides, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,NY.Two top researchers at the New YorkState Psychiatric Institute wrote,”There is no evidence at presentto substantiate a biologic theoryof sexual orientation.”Much more expert views thatdoesn’t agree with your belief.

  24. This is being dishonest to peoplewanting to leave the homosexuallifestyle. What is the APA afraid of? This came fromthe Point of View website.I would really like to knowhow many members of APA arehomosexual or bisexual. Probablywould surprise us. Therapists who want to help people leave the homosexual lifestyle are under attack. Yesterday, we emailed you to tell you about the American Psychological Association’s (APA) attempt to ban reparative therapy (helping homosexuals to leave the lifestyle). On the same day, one particular therapist came under very specific attack. Markus Hoffman, a therapist who leads an evangelical organization in Germany that helps homosexuals leave the lifestyle, was scheduled to speak at a mental health conference next month. The Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP) launched a campaign to have Dr. Hoffman banned from the conference. Bowing to the pressure, the Austrian Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the conference organizers, withdrew their invitation to Dr. Hoffman. So much for tolerance. In a press release following the announcement that Dr. Hoffman would not participate in the conference, AGLP president Ubaldo Leli said, the “AGLP is happy to have played a role in protecting vulnerable gay patients from potential harm.” When a man announces he is “gay” and leaves his family for another man his actions are celebrated. When a therapist helps a man struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, he is condemned for “harming” someone who is “vulnerable”. The APA is working hard to ban this “harmful” form of therapy in our country. This would have thousands of people trapped in the homosexual lifestyle who desperately want out. We cannot allow this to happen. Please sign our online petition urging the president of the APA to allow good therapists to help people trapped in this destructive lifestyle.

  25. Hank, your “science” is wrong. You should not use these so called studies as fact, they’re not, nothing of what you refer to is true or founded in true science.I’m with the others, you clearly have way too much time on your hands to be writing all this. Do you think we care what you think? Please, leave this site, and take your flawed reasoning with you.

  26. Ciaran McMahon 21 Sep 2007, 11:01pm

    “This is being dishonest to peoplewanting to leave the homosexuallifestyle”Hank, you have just confirmed something I suspected… you’re retarded. Get out of this site, no one is interested in your crap, its not even based in fact.Seriously, just fuckoff. I only converse with those who make sense. You’re not welcome in this site, its for those who are gay, that’s why its called “pinknews”.

  27. Hnak, Ciaran is right about one thing, you are spending way too much time here trying to spout your own pseudo-science. What is it to you, why do you care? Why not just mind you own business, and go to some christian site to share your beliefs? And yes, they’re beliefs not proven science. I really doubt your supposed qualifications, I’m a doctor and so much of what you say is wrong, I’m not even going to attempt to address your misuse of poor science.I agree with the others, you clearly have some issues that you’re compensating for, and that’s not a professional analysis, its common sense.Bear in mind this: the Nazi’s believed much what you do. And its people like YOU who are responsible for the high suicides among the gay community. You should be ashamed of yourself demonstrating such a inordinately high level of ignorance openly on the internet, and then being proud of the same. Small minds shout the loudest.

  28. Hello Thomas: So you doubt my supposed qualifications. What have you doneto find me to be bogus? Do you read tea leaves or consult a mystic to get your analysis. I still say when someone objects to honest questions, they have something to hide or can be quilty about it.So you’re a doctor — then pleaserefer me to the “proper” studiesto correct my erroneous view. I’mwilling to read anything and everything. What have I stated thatis incorrect? Examining homosexuality is alegitimate intellectual undertaking.Why are you people so defensive ofoutsiders?

  29. ‘Examining homosexuality is alegitimate intellectual undertaking’Indeed it is, but not using a homophobic and biased approach as you do, referring to the “lack of wisdom” of gay people and using your own home-made statistics. Please, how pathetic. There is no discussion with people, like you, who have a religious based “opinion” to ram down the throats of others and unable to listen to real science.I don’t need to read tea-leaves to see you’re a preacher not a scientist, not to mention a bigot and a fool. You have no qualities that I can see to make you much of a decent human.Now, run along, Hank, and go play with the other misinformed bigots parading your religious beliefs as “fact”. No one here want to discuss our PROUD sexuality with a biased twit like you. I’m inclined to agree with a previous comment from Ed about you and your sister, but I’ll keep it cordial. You sir, are a buffoon. Good day to you.

  30. Hank, Thomas is clearly a nice person, too polite I would say. I’m won’t be. So f**koff. Seriously. F**ckoff. You’re not welcome here with your bigoted mumbo-jumbo.

  31. Peter White 22 Sep 2007, 11:06am

    Now, now, Sean, lets not drop our level of civilised decorum! Hank is a backward little chap, yes, with obvious learning difficulties, dyslexia among them, but that’s no reason to be rude to the poor little critter. He’s misguided, sure, but so many people are these days. Let him be, to fester in his own self righteous hate.Hank, you’re very welcome to spout your unique brand of homophobia here. I love the way you cover it all with “I’m here to listen” when clearly your ears have fallen off years ago. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.So do stay, we love your almost prose-like writings, so 18th century. God knows, we simply don’t get enough bigots of your calibre on this site.Although, in hindsight, Sean DOES make some good points…

  32. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Sep 2007, 1:04pm

    Hank I believe is an apologist for the ex-gay movement, what an oxymoron ex-gay is. These ministries send shills to agitate on gay websites in the U.S. and now I see they’ve permeated the UK. They have no scientific data to backup their contention that they can convert gays to a straight “lifestyle”. If they can prove that you can convert a straight to gay, then bring it on, lets see the proof. They have never published in any of the legitimate medical or scientific journals and often conduct what they call research over the phone with potential candidates fleecing them of hundreds, often thousands of dollars in the process. It doesn’t work and never will. They should be concentrating on their fallen heteros who philander, abuse their wives and children, and make a mockery of marriage, they being the real threat to marriage and society as a whole.

  33. Ciaran McMahon 22 Sep 2007, 6:27pm

    Robert, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen some of these so called studies, mostly by some twit called Dr Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute (a right wing religious group with no real scientific credibility) one of them was supposed to “prove” that you can change your sexuality by using a sample population of phone calls to ex-gays who had married. Right. That’s REAL scientific. The other was mortality rates by looking up the obituaries section in the paper! I jest you not, I nearly laughed when I read it. This guy must have the IQ of a tennis ball. Clearly this is where our moonshine-drinking friend Hank gets his “data” from. Lets face it, with that kind of unscientific nonsense, Dr Cameron’s PhD must have been obtained with 4 tokens from a Kellogg’s Cornflakes Packet + €1.99 PP.”Ex-Gay”. What a stupid concept that is. When was the last time you saw an “ex-straight”? Its simply a case of “you be like me, because it makes me feel better about who I am”. What amazes me is why they can’t accept most of us like and want to be who we were born to be, and that is gay. I like being gay. All my gay friends like being gay. It’s what we are, and if I wasn’t gay, I’d have never met my partner, who I just couldn’t imagine life without… he’s quite simply the greatest guy on this planet, and I’d rather die than turn my back on him and my sexuality. But Hank would never understand that.What’s also funny is that Hank seems to spend so much time dispelling the “I’m not gay” line, its a case of the lady doth protects too much. He must be “ex-gay” himself. Can’t wait until it “wears off” and he’s cruising a toilet in 5 years time just like all the other unfortunate failures that call themselves “ex-gay”. You go boys!

  34. Hello gang: Glad to hear from you again. I sentanother long, detailed message butagain it got lost. So I will definintely write shorter ones –hate to lose so many good questionsto you to be lost.Most legitimate, unbiased researacherswill concur that human sexuality is socomplex, finding a single cause forhomosexuality is unlikely. There’sgrowing evidence that a number of enviornmental factors in a family or an individuals experience seem toinfluence one’s sexual orientation. Starting with Sigmund Freud, counselors have noticed a patternof family relationship that frequentlyappears in a homosexual person’sfamily of origin: a domineeringmother and a passive father. Another factor is early sexualexperience. Many homosexuals citebackgrounds of being sexuallymolested.Other factors have been identified as a need for gender identity, a healthy role model, a healthy same-sexbonding. To help some homosexuals change,some findings are Masters Johnson reported successfulresults in 71.6% of all cases aftera 6 yr follow-up period.Dr.Gerhard van den Aardweg reporteda 65% success rate. We have followed some patients foras long as 10 yrs who have remainedexclusively heterosexual, saysDr. Irving Bieber. So you cannot be honest when yousay “Once gay, always gay.” Youdestroy all hope for people who wantto get out of the homosexual lifestyle. Your belief system is one ofhopelessness and I feel sorryif you have to live with thankkind of outlook.

  35. Ciaran McMahon 22 Sep 2007, 10:12pm

    Our belief system, Hank? You think gay is a belief system??? We “believe” we’re gay? What utter nonsense!You really ARE a fool, aren’t you? Every example you gave is a total cliché, and utter rubbish. We’re all molested??? Domineering mother??? Good god, man, you REALLY believe that??? You spout that crap here and expect me to take you seriously? Get out of my face, you a moron.

  36. Hank, Gerhard van den Aardweg is Dutch psychotherapist and influential member of Opus Dei. You honestly expect us to believe you when you quote this nazi as science??? He’s been discredited by most of the scientific community and other psychotherapists! Get you facts from a better source than this hateful creature, he should remember that he took an oath once to do no harm. Looks like he lied.Please, just get out of this site, Ciaran is right: you are a moron.

  37. Hey gang: P.S. Please send me some researchthat shows homosexuality is caused by agenetic/biological factor. Haven’tseen any such legitimate studiesyet.A Lesbian’s DeliveranceBy Charlene IsraelCBN NewsJune 23, – After 29 years as a gay activist, former lesbian magazine publisher Charlene Cothran stunned the homosexual community when she announced she had become a Christian. She has renounced her homosexuality, and changed the format of her magazine to spread the Gospel to the gay community. As a gay rights activist, Cothran was never afraid to fight for what she believed in. For 30 years, she was as vocal and in your face as they come. She organized and marched with other lesbians in gay rights parades. And as editor-in-chief of Venus magazine , a national gay and lesbian publication, she wasn’t about to change — until something happened at a gay pride celebration that she never expected. “In 2003, I was in Chicago at a gay pride event, in the middle of this beautiful park,” Cothran recalled. “I took a panoramic view, and as far as I could see there were men with men and women with women, all just partying and having a good time. But a shame fell on me, I felt so out of place. I knew something in my spirit spoke that, ‘this is that road that leads to destruction, and you’re on it.'” It took several years to come to terms with this vision, and during that time Cothran continued to publish her gay and lesbian magazine. But she couldn’t escape the message she’d heard that day in 2003. She said, “I kept myself busy with marches and activism and public appearances. But in the still of the night when everything is over, there was still that little voice, “You’re not right with God.” Cothran says she longed for peace, but even in the midst of a long-term relationship, she felt intense loneliness. She’d grown up in a Christian home, and had come into the lesbian lifestyle at 19, after several bad relationships with boys. “I didn’t want anything to do with men anymore,” she said. “I was away at college and that was a whole new world, and in that world there were many, many women who were attracted to me, and, of course, I was attracted to them. And these women were nurturing, wanted to get to know me intellectually — they were organizers whom I found a lot of comfort in. It felt good, it felt right.” But it didn’t feel right anymore. Then in June 2006, local Pastor Vanessia Livingston of Miracle Deliverance Church called Cothran, regarding an article in one her publications. She didn’t know anything about Cothran’s life and proceeded to talk to her about God. Livingston asked Cothran, “What are you going to do about your life?” Then she told her, “‘You need to get your life together.’ Cothran said, ‘I’m in the life.’ I said, ‘Yes, I know, that’s why I’m talking to you, but you don’t have to stay in the life. You can be delivered today, right now, right where you are.'” They talked for awhile and Cothran remembers her words: “I can tell that you want to come back to God, but you feel unworthy, you feel that God can’t use you because you’ve been marching and publishing and you’ve been such a proud lesbian all these years, but that’s not true. He’s waiting.” That day changed everything for Charlene Cothran, as she finally asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart and forgive her. It was a personal transformation that she immediately wanted to share with her gay and lesbian followers. She wrote a front page article in her magazine called, “Redeemed! Ten Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, if You Want Out.” “When the Lord saved me, I knew everything would change,” she said. “All of the ads, the editorials, the mission of the magazine had changed. We’re going to be calling people out of homosexuality.” Most of the response from the gay and lesbian community has been fierce and negative. But she says she knows that many of them are just as conflicted as she was. Cothran said, “In order to fill up this empty space, they pretend to put on this wonderful face, ‘how gay and happy I am,’ when in fact — there’s a lot of loneliness in the gay community that’s not talked about, and it’s real.” But there has been positive feedback as well. Cothran says she gets lots of e-mails from people who say they struggle with homosexuality and want out. CBN News asked Cothran, “I know people probably ask you, do you still have feelings for women, and are you dating a man?” Cothran replied, “I’m living a celibate life. I’m so focused on the spirit right now, that I have no urges for anyone — man or woman.” With a new outlook about herself and life, Cothran is still on the frontlines of the gay rights battle, only now she sees it as a spiritual fight to lead others to the freedom she’s found. “Our mission now,” she said, “is to educate and to turn people away from the homosexual lifestyle simply by presenting the truth. We simply want people to question what they’ve learned through the pages of Venus magazine over the past 13 years.” Prior to Cothran’s conversion, Venus circulated about 35,000 copies per issue which ran four times a year. But after the issue featuring her testimony, the gay political machine pressured advertisers to drop the magazine. And gay pride events and college campuses no longer subscribe. But in her own words, Cothran has no regrets about her change. She said, “There is a joy and a peace that you can’t find in a club, I don’t care how good the music is. You can’t find it in the middle of a gay pride parade, I don’t care if you have the biggest, prettiest float. I have a joy and a peace that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

  38. Oh my Hank you gay, you do realise that most of the research into “ex-gay” therapists is internally flawed and homosexuality has a higher twin concordance rate than depression or left handedness, all three owe at least a small amount of their cause to genetics as I’m sure you’ll find most respected scientists agree (that doesn’t include right wing extremist Christian terrorists). Secondly, Freud’s theories of Psychosexual development were based on 1 child, and his own false memories of his childhood, that “re-surfaced” after he underwent hypnosis, and very few respected psychologists want to try and back him up because his theory is outlandish and stupid…he also believed in innate human bisexuality, probably the only logical thing he ever said, so yes Freuds research was flawed and unscientific, he also didn’t believe that homosexuality was an illness. If you think that editors don’t accept articles from ignorant writers you have clearly never read a magazine in your life. Also, 2-3% of the population is a bit of an understatement, surveys are stupid because they have a return rate of about 1-5%, any census anywhere is fundamentally flawed because people lie, “we are not like rats, rocks or plants” – to paraphrase a quotation I can’t quite recall – 2-3% is an estimate of the number of people who are confident enough to come out to a complete stranger, you’re also forgetting the people in the closet and those under 18, all those married men and women who believe their families too religious to come out too. Where’d you get 5000 years from the modern idea of marriage has only been round for 2/300 years, before that men had lots of extra-marital sex that their wives new about and their wives did the same, wives wouldn’t take the names of their husbands, and they were allowed careers of their own if they could manage it, it only changed during the years before the reign of Queen Victoria, a deeply religious woman, “The experience of the irrationality of the world has been the driving force of all religious revolution.” – another quote by the genius Max Weber – as the scientist you claim to be you should take the time to question you’re faith and conviction, and answer the inner conflict that forces you. “Every gay and lesbian person who has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up is a survivor. Survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges.” – that quote I agree with and I’m sure many people do which is why one day through the good work of good people, people like you will be no more. I presuming from your comments on marriage you are religious, this makes you a bad scientist, you can be religious and a scientist but you let your religion interfere with your science, religious personal belief has as much place in science as it does in politics, which happens to be a non-existent place. Now please F off, go home, sleep, pray that when you die your god forgives you for the life you have lead.

  39. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 2:53am

    Ciaran, thank you! Until they can prove that you can convert a straight man to a gay man,they can all wank themselves into oblivion, excessively! Probably what they do anyway!

  40. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 2:57am

    Ciaran, I for one came from a loving family, no dominant father or mother. I grew up like any healthy normal boy, playing football, cricket, got on well with my class mates, was popular with the girls, you name it I did it. The fact remains, I was gay and knew from about the age of 7 that I liked males. Nobody influenced me, nobody corrupted me. I had good male role models growing up I have to say. So this garbage that Hank is espousing doesn’t cut it. Don’t you find people of his ilk rather suspect. Maybe its prurient interest or just jealousy. That they obsess so much over our sex lives instead of our own is quite revealing.

  41. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 3:03am

    Hank, provide us with the medical/scientific evidence of your claims. The APA (American Psychiatric Association) in 1973 removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. Why don’t we see your evidence in the notable literature such as Nature, JAMA et al? Where is the clinical evidence? Further, prove that there are ex-straights, then maybe you’ll have some credence, until then, your pissing in the wind, you self-loathing closet case. Another Larry Craig in the making, pathetic.

  42. Hello gang: Would you please site somelegitmate scientific studies thatuncontroversially show that homosexuality is inborn, geneticor biologically created? Thatoutside influences never play apart in homosexuality. All I keep hearing from you people arenegative, derogatory, criticismof me personally, but no concretestudies to back your beliefs.Give me some solid studies to read to back up your opinions andthen you can shut me up.

  43. Hey: I never got your response tothe article on Charlene Cothran,who after 29 yrs. as a gay activistgave up her homosexual lifestyle andnow uses her former gay magazineVenus to help educate and turn peopleaway from the homosexual lifestyle.She was “one of you” for a big partof her life.Regarding the APA, from 1970 through 1973 the APA was subjected to continual intimidation and political pressure from gay radicala trying tohave homosexuality removed from the list of mental disorders.. Finally in 1973, with the help of a handfulof key insiders in the organization, the pressure tactics worked.Today the APA has been totally infiltrated by gay activists. It now sends members to march in the streets with homosexual radicals. Surveysof the profession showed many of themdisagreed with the officaal APAopinion.

  44. Hey again: The consensus among a vast contingent of those who have extensively studied the question , their standing is that homosexuality is strongly rooted in the development of a person’s mind and emotions in the formative years of their lives.Dr. Charles Socarides, a leading psychiatrist and professor at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has edited 2 books which encompass the subject of homosexuality. They are THE HOMOSEXUALITIES AND THE THERAPEUTIC PROCESS and FANTASY,REALITY AND THE CREATIVE ARTS.. He states” These two books contain the work of over 30 psychoanalysts — eminent teachers and psychoanalysts and medical men throughout the country — and they all attest to the fact that homosexuality is a psychopathological condition and can be altered if someone knows how to alter it. In the book MALE HOMOSEXUALITY, by Dr. Richard Friedman cites 13 independent studies from 1959-1981 on the early family lives of homosexuals. Out of these 13, all but one concluded that in the parent-child interactions of adult homosexuals, the subject’s relationship with the parent of the same sex wa unsatisfactory, ranging from a distant, onintimate relationship to an outright hostile one. The consensus of a large array of experts is that homosexuality is the sexualization of deep emotional needs which develop in childhood. and that”Emotional needs can and do sometimes become sexualized. That is, at some point the become linked with sexual desires, so the object of the emotional needs also becomes the object of sexual desires,” by Joe Dallas in his 1990 book, DESIRES IN CONFLICT.

  45. “That day changed everything for Charlene Cothran, as she finally asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart and forgive her. “Oh, yeah Hank, a brilliant piece of scientific proof here.Get lost, you idiot.

  46. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 12:25pm

    God, I’m so bored with this fruit. Its like a broken record. Hank, will you ever just get lost. Please. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is interested in your crap. I’mnot going to argue with someone that uses Opus Dei as valid scientific research, they’re just a cult of fools, nor will I listen to an “ex-gay” like you.Please, just fuck off.Isn’t there a site admin somewhere to block or delete this twits ranting?

  47. Okay. So I’m ex-gay. So what?I used to love men.Now I love Jesus.He has a cock too.I eat his body on Sunday.Please, listen to my science.Science is wicked, but onlywhen it disagrees with me.Lets all pray:Dear God, help me help thoseWho love cockBut help me not toListen to them, For to listen is to openOnes mind,And an open mind,Is a sinful one.Amen.Now, tell me more of your secretdesires so I may pretend to beappalled.

  48. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 1:38pm

    Well Hank, so Jesus has a cock, now isn’t that grand Finally, you’ve admitted an “ex-gay” lifestyle. something I’d figured out from your first posting, quite transparent in fact. So, you’re eating JC via communion which must mean then that every male believer and receiver is eating his cock too if you really believe in that transsubstantiaton mumbo-jumbo. Now how straight is that?

  49. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 1:40pm

    Ciaran, I just posted my last response to Hank. I advise everybody to now ignore him by not responding. He’ll soon grow tired. He’s come here to shill for the ex-gay movement, that shows you how desperate they are, they’re out for your money first, then they’ll work on destroying your life.

  50. Hey: You still didn’t give me a rationalresponse to Charlene Cothran’schange of lifestyle. It happen’s morethan you realize but will not accept.But that’s OK because I’m figuring out just who and what you all are.Jack Nicholson, in his movie, “A FEW GOOD MEN, had a great line that applies to you..’YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”I’m understanding just what you truly are. I looked up the signs of CULTS.See how much applies to your group.Essentially cult advocates take advantage of the “human condition.” At some level we’re all aafraid and year for confort and certainty. Thus cults offer emotional, physical, financial, political, social and existential security. Cults may purport to make you a better and happier person.INDICATORS: Extreme promises — unconditiional, eternal love, security, complete certainty about life anwers to all questions.Restricted Freedom – Because these groups want control, they need to limit their members’ search for alternative answers. Discouring them from exploring other ways of thinking and living.A Central leadership entity that claims special knowledgeDeception and totaliaring views. What they tell members and outsiders is different within the group.Also, “black or white” thinking is common. “We and they” thinking is common. “They” are bad, ignorant or deceived or dangerous.”We” are good, enlightened and special.How cults recruit and retain members”Given our human need for belonging, meaning,security and understanding, cults will consciously seek to exploit these yearnings often in sophisticated ways. To recruit, these groups will infiltrate internet forums, schools,parks, organizations, — anywhere they believe they’ll find vulnerable and naive prey.Yes…folks I finally discovered who you truly are!

  51. To the juvenile-minded person whowrote that moronic message and signed my name to it — I pity you.You’re lost in a dying world anddon’t have a clue how to get out.Sleep well.

  52. gosh, just who is our leader? What’s our creed? Who are the strong-arm thugs to keep us queers in line?A typical fundie attack – “I am allowed to insult and persecute you, but don’t dare respond otherwise I’m being persecuted by you”

  53. Of, screw you all! I HATE YOU QUEERS!Mother of mercy, forgive them.Sweet lamb of GOD strike THEM DOWN!St. Sebastian, smite them.Oh, good mother of merciful Jesus, I beseech you, help me convince themI’m not gay any more!YOU QUEERS! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!OH, JESUS. SWEET JESUS. LORD JESUS.SAVE ME. SAVE ME. SAVE ME.

  54. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 5:04pm

    Robert, I hear you. I’ll not be baited by that fool again. I’m going to be an ex-Hank now… now I’ll be “normal”

  55. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2007, 5:32pm

    Ciaran, did you see what he last posted, I HATE YOU QUEERS? So much for the christian spirit ex-gay ministries espouse. I guess praying away the gay and aversion theraphy didn’t work for him, that’s for sure. He has to be one of the sickest, saddest, self-loathers if ever there were one. What an indictment of ex-gay ministries. Its so evident that its not worked for him by his vile outburst, chalk that up to yet another failure for them. Such a fraud.

  56. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 5:53pm

    Oh, yeah, Robert. Isn’t it just classic? I nearly choked with laughter! We’ve clearly over estimated him… WAY over estimated him. He’s not an idiot, he’s a raving nut!

  57. I didn’t write that last post, some immature misguided person did.I’m here to save you poor degenerates, can’t you understand that? Save you from yourselves. You’re filthy, come to me for salvation. I am your Jesus.Pray I can get to you before its too late, and the Holy Spirit casts you into the pit of damnation. PRAY, SCREAM TO THE BLESSED MOTHER OF THE SWEET LAMB FOR FORGIVENESS, SODOMITES! PRAY!

  58. Wow. Hank is one VERY special guy, folks. Poor Hank. Life must be tough on you, what with all the craziness and all. Chin up! Keep smiling and praying for that ex-gay stuff, but most of all thanks for the laughs! You’re a hoot!

  59. Hey guys again: I really get a kick out of all yourimmature comments. It’s a commentaryon your thinking, belief system andobjectivity for seeing beyond yourmicroscopic mindset. You’re trappled in a Cult and don’teven know it. What in my messageabout profiling CULTS was incorrectabout your group?I could have given you specific details to each individual signpost, but you wouldn’t admit it anyway. If if it looks like a duck,quacks like a duck, and flies likea duck — it’s a duck no matterwhat you call it.A cult is a cult is a cult — nomatter what kind of label you tryto hide it with. I have a historical analysis of wherehomosexuality derives its origin — I’ll send to you later — I’m certain most of you are totallyunaware of it. Very few of you reaalize that you have a very destructive, evilpast you’re basing your life on –one that is filled with misery, depression, despair, gloom and heartache. Otherwise enjoy life!

  60. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 7:21pm

    Okay, Robert, from what I can tell he’s he’s suffering from multiple personlaity disorder. Is he saying HE’s in a cult or us? Why would we be a cult? What happened to the “sweet mother of god” crap he was spouting an hour ago? These ex-gays, they’re more fucked up than we could ever imagine.

  61. “evil past you’re basing your life on –one that is filled with misery, depression, despair, gloom and heartache”Sounds like someone is projecting again. Translation: “I’m a pathethic fool, and so shall you all be the same in my eyes, coz I feel an ouce better about my miserable and lonely life if I do”

  62. “If if it looks like a duck,quacks like a duck, and flies likea duck — it’s a HANK no matterwhat you call it.”You sure are one crazy fucked up quack! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  63. Hello gang:Glad we’re still corresponding. Ilove it?Just came across this info:Mental health: Gays and lesbians have high rates of depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts. This is true even in the Netherlands and Amsterdam where this lifestyle is far more socially acceptable than in the U.S. (Source: Archives of General Psychiatry, January 2001).Physical Health: Sexual practices among gay men lead to numerous sexually transmitted diseases and physical injuries, some of which are virtually unknown in the heterosexual population (Source: Corporate Resource Council, 2002). This is because our bodies aren’t geared for this kind of sex.Lifespan: Gay and bisexual men lose up to 20 years of life expectancy (Source: International Journal of Epidemiology, 1997). Come on — face the truth – don’t beafraid of facts, not opinions falsebeliefs.

  64. Hey — let’s get serious.What about my profiling a cult doesn’t apply to your group?Please note each sign and tellme it doesn’t apply to you?All you can do is make generalstatements but nothing concrete.Come on — CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?You are so weak in giving substantive anwers to my charges.That’s because your whole homosexual lifestyle is bogus.

  65. Come on, ANSWER ME you perverts.What’s wrong, can’t take it???You bum bastards can handle MY truth,can you? You’re all sick.Let Opus Dei guide you, see the light before its too late.

  66. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 8:44pm

    He just keep on going this Hank nut, doesn’t he? Just doesn’t take a hint. How pathetic he really is.When I read his rants, it reminds me of a quote:”I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi How right he was.

  67. Ciaran McMahon 23 Sep 2007, 9:04pm

    Okay. Here’s your answers:”What’s your comment about CharleneCothran, the ex-lesbian for 29 yrs.who now uses her mag. Venus to helpeducate and turn people away from thehomosexual lifestyle? Anythingworthwhile to say?”Answer: She’s a fool.”How about my assertion that you’rea CULT?”Answer: YOU’RE a fool.”I’d like any response to deny howyour group dosen’t follow theseprinciples — YOU ARE A CULT.”Answer: No one cares what a right wing religious nut like you thinks. See answer two above for reason why.

  68. Peter White 23 Sep 2007, 9:11pm

    Ciaran, please stop talking to this lunatic… the more you do, the more rubbish he’ll continue post.Hank, enough is enough. Fuckoff.

  69. History is an opinion you fool, always written from a biased view in the past it was only ever written by one person (the winner) so people presume it to be fact, but now it doesn’t work so well

  70. You do realise that the whole “This Nazis gay” thing came from second world war propaganda and there were probably less homosexuals in Nazi Germany than anywhere else…they were rounding them up and experimenting on them after all.

  71. David. You said, “History is an opinion you fool.”Was the Holocaust fact or opinion?There’s much fact included in historybooks. I don’t understand yourstatement.

  72. Willaim, Dublin 24 Sep 2007, 9:33am

    Folks, Robert is right, just ignore this bigoted fool and he’ll go away.Hank is an sad ex-gay at best, or a religious fool at worst, nothing we haven’t seen before. Nothing that warrants a serious response either.He “demands proof” of our existence. We don’t need to give him proof. We’re here, and that is enough. WE know he’s wrong in what he says, wrong in so many ways. Nor do we need to explain scientific fact to one like Hank who is clearly so poorly versed in scientific ways. Besides, we don’t need a scientific study to know that he and his kind are consumed with prejudice and ignorance, and we will always be better than to stoop to their level. He is clearly misguided, sad, pathetic and uneducated. Notice he can’t even bring himself to call us “gay”, he uses the more clinical “homosexual”? This is enough evidence that he has his own issues to work through and the best thing to do with this person is ignore him. He uses unfounded scientific studies and biased history to prove his points. Let him. When we don’t reply, he gets offensive and starts calling us names. This is the true sign of a weak mind. Reading “studies” does not bring wisdom to those like Hank, they are too small and trapped in their own hate. Who’s the bigger fool at the end of the day? Him or us?The really question is why should should he care so much what two people do under consent? What does Hank hope to achieve by ranting on this site? Doesn’t he believe in human freedoms? I suspect not. I tend to agree with Robert again in that its money, and with Ciaran in that its some kind of outward expression of an inner battle for being gay themselves, or at least have some sexual/intimacy problems. So, let this buffoon just move on. We’re so much better that that, and above explaining our existence to one with no eyes and no ears and the mental capacity of a road-kill.

  73. Hank, you are an idiot. Ernst Röhm (get you spelling right, you fool) was not second in command to Hitler. He was a military leader and a co-founder of the SA, but never a high ranking person in the nazi party. Yes he was gay. So what? Hitler was straight, and look what he did. hardly an endorsement of straight lifestyles, is it?Don’t spout false history to those who know more than you do. You can stick your “surprise” facts up your arse, you moron! Its so clear ho uneducated you REALLY are, my backwater friend.

  74. Ciaran McMahon 24 Sep 2007, 11:04am

    Well said William! You hit the nail on the head with regards to the disgusting individual that calls itself Hank. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  75. chumsyou can never win withj fundies. They’re always right, anyone who disagrees is wrong. You have to ignore them, even give the last word, so that they’ll go away.They invade our spaces because we shun theirs

  76. Hey Thomas: Don’t be so fast to condemn–Look at the Encyclopeia Britannica Online and you’ll see it statesROHM is also spelled ROEHM — so getyour own facts straight before youpoint your bonehead finger at others.Whether or not Hitler did or did not have homosexual relations, he knowingly and intentionally surrounded himself with practicing hoomosexuals from his youth on.Desmond Seward, historian writer, says “Hitler is listed as a homosexual in Vineese police records. That Hitler had been a male prostitute in Vienna during his stayfrom 1907-1913. While there Hitler lived in a flophouse known to beinhabited by many homosexuals.Its stretching belief to think that while Hitler preferred being in the midst of homosexuals that he did not participate in their lifestyle.If it looks like a duck….quacks like a duck…flies like a duck…it’s a duck!”YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”…says Jack!

  77. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Sep 2007, 1:48pm

    apYRs, any socalled “ex-gay” fundie who shills on a gay website is obviously not straight, but still gay. Its obvious their attraction to same sex is apparent and they’re still having sexual liaisons with men, otherwise they’d spend their precious time on a straight website helping their straight brothers and sisters with their own issues of morality such as the real threat to marriage, ergo hetero wife beaters, child abusers, philanderers and paedophiles.

  78. Hey out there!How about expanding our world viewdebate.Does anybody have wholesome, morallypositive answers to some othervexing issues facing our society, such as abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, drug abuse, divorce, pornography. etc? There’s more to life than sex.

  79. is there any evidence which clearly states the reasons why heterosexuals sleep with each other? Were they confused at birth, or is it just something that came into their lives?I know so many men that sleep with women and vice versa, they even have children like some of us do. Its a strange world this heterosexual thing. They commit to god and each other then commit acts of abuse, abortion, adultery, violence and spend most of their lives miserable. What an awful existence. I really hope therapy is an option for them. My homo world is such a happy one i’m sure they would love the conversion…love to all and peace to the world.

  80. Ciaran McMahon 24 Sep 2007, 2:31pm

    What is it with this fool and ducks??? Are you descended from ducks Hank?Hank, YOU have your facts wrong. Its spelt Röhm. You’re some fool, you must be looking at a christian version of the encyclopaedia… christian versions are almost always wrong.

  81. Pope Benedict XVI 24 Sep 2007, 2:56pm

    Yes, Hank I do. Here’s what I think:abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering: These should all be performed on people like you. If genetic engineering fails to improve the like of you, then abortion or euthanasia should be performed, age irrelevant.drug abuse: Something you should take up and stop wasting our time with your “wholesome, morally positive” crap. You’re beginning to sound like something from a nazi propaganda film, and you’re particularly dull and repetitive. I suggest Crack Cocaine to lift your monotony. divorce, pornography: These are all CAUSED by people like you. The fix: implement any/all of the above.

  82. LOL @ “Pope Benedict”. Beautiful piece of work, no truer word spoken.Lets see what retard Hank comes back with… ohhhh, isn’t this soooo exciting?!?!?

  83. Robert I agree with you wholeheartedly. But the fact remains that these people will interfere, and nag and hang on regardless of whether they’re welcome. One can only ignore them to deprive them of the attention they crave.

  84. Dr. Paul Smith 24 Sep 2007, 3:31pm

    Hank, I have a two degrees, and a PhD, all in History and Sociology. So, I am sufficiently more qualified than you in historical facts. To answer your rather mixed up statements:(1) Hitler knowingly and intentionally surrounded himself with practicing hoomosexuals from his youth on.Wrong. There is no evidence of this. He was aware of Röhm (yes, its spelt Röhm) and his deputy Stabschef, Edmund Heines, was gay. These were SA, not part of the Nazi Party. There is zero evidence that any ranking member of the Nazi party was gay. And even if they were, is this your pathetic way of saying that because Hitler was gay, this is why he caused the holocausts??? Are you serious???(2) Desmond Seward, historian writer, says “Hitler is listed as a homosexual in Vineese police records. That Hitler had been a male prostitute in Vienna during his stay from 1907-1913. While there Hitler lived in a flophouse known to be inhabited by many homosexuals.This is utter nonsense. Where are you getting this garbage? There is nothing historically to indicate any of this. Desmond Seward is a fraud who is well know for hacking history for personal and sensational gains. He normally only advertises his “books” on christian sites where the uneducated religious-cult types, like you, buy them. Your reference to him (and his farcical book “The Pink Swastika”) only makes your statement all the more ridiculous.You, Hank, are a fraud, a fool and a charlatan.Incidentally, I am not gay. I was shown your insane rantings about history and ducks by a academic college. I tend to agree with another rather witty post here, people of your calibre should be put down at birth.

  85. Hey all:You write so much trash it’s pathetic.Can’t get a decent, logical, intellectual conversation going –you pick and choose what to answer of mine. That’s a sure indication thatyou’re in a CULT — regardless of what you say, all the indications of a CULT are apparent with your group.You obviously have very littlenoteworthy things to add to viewingthe world beyond your homosexuality.So many of you have Hitler-like views — I should be destroyed –easy now — you’re showing your truefeelings.But I’m going to make all of youhappy — you’re so biased andnot worthy of further discussion.You’re in a CULT and don’t realize itand YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, says Jack.Don’t bother to answer this comment because I won’t answer yourinane comments.Sleep well — pleasant dreams!

  86. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Sep 2007, 6:12pm

    James, its interesting. There are many married straight couples wherein the wife is bisexual. The husbands are usually straight but it is quite common that the husband will want to invite a third party, usually a woman into the marriage bed for both sex and voyeurism. Now, if Hank et al could help these people who are clearly posing a threat to marriage, then things would be a lot better. Ditto for the hetero male philanderer. They say nothing about that. While we’re at it, can Hank prove that you can convert a straight person to a gay one? I’d like to see the evidence for that too.

  87. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Sep 2007, 6:14pm

    Pope Benedict, you’re right. Its the straights who cause divorce, philandering, fathering children with other women while married or unmarried. They are the threat not us. Why don’t people like Hank go after them instead of obsessing over our sexuality? Something tells me he is and always will be straight. He’s here far too much. Looking for love in all the wrong places I think.

  88. Ciaran McMahon 24 Sep 2007, 7:46pm

    “Don’t bother to answer this commentbecause I won’t answer yourinane comments.”Wahey! Ding dong, the witch is gone!OH. MY. GOD. He just didn’t get the hint, did he? Are we supposed to be sad he’s gone? I think Dr. Paul upset him with his superior view of history, and fair play to you too. And I just LOVE the comments from “Pope Benedict”, classic stuff!(Is it just me, of did Hank say the word “cult” a lot? What’s THAT all about???)

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