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Archbishop to hold “secret” meeting with gays

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex pat Brit 18 Sep 2007, 3:12pm

    What an asshole Williams is, how can this meeting be secret if he’s already announced a meeting, no matter where it is? Why does he need a “secret” meeting in the first place, why can’t he be open, honest and above-board? What’s he afraid of, Akinola? What a coward. It will be the same old bullshit, non-acceptance to gay clergy who can’t remain celibate and don’t expect any surprises to the contrary.

  2. He’s afraid that the African Bishops will put him in a giant stew-pot and dance around him. It’s our own fault for sending missionaries out there in the first place, given half the chance they’d still be shrinking heads so how can we expect them to embrace homosexuality.

  3. Trevor Swan 18 Sep 2007, 10:32pm

    You’d want to be careful there Umbongo, you’ll upset Bill Perdue and he’ll be here slinging insults at you for being a nasty racist and revoke your gay licence.

  4. Peter Thornton 19 Sep 2007, 8:08am

    I’d like to fly you, Bill, to Lagos… with a bit of luck they have no internet access over there.

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