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MP accused of using gay issues to win Muslim votes

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Reader comments

  1. So he realises he’ll lose votes with muslim constituents if he’s pro-gay.It’s laughable that these supposedly pro-gay socialists court the muslim vote, while in every islamic country gay people are persecuted.When the mad mullahs start stringing up gays (as they do in Iran) I won’t hold my breath waiting for these idiotic socialists to protest.

  2. George Broadhead 18 Sep 2007, 9:17am

    I agree with Luke.Galloway’s support for Muslims at the expense of gay rights is reminiscent of Ken Livingstone’s warm welcome for the homophobic cleric Yusuf al-Quaradawi.

  3. Galloway is no Socialist, he’s a publicity seeking freak in control of a party of freaks. Unfortunately, he’ll attract freaks to the ballot box, assuming they’re not too busy praying or plotting.There’s only one thing more evil – a Tory.

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 18 Sep 2007, 1:21pm

    Luke, its called political expediency, both Labour and Tory candidates would do exactly the same thing just to get elected but then we’ve always been expendable as a group. Its the same here in the U.S., they’ll sell their mothers for a quick buck just to get the power and the money that it engenders.

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