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Judge: “Thugs” carried out homophobic attack in Harrogate

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Reader comments

  1. Malcolm Lidbury 17 Sep 2007, 10:23am

    These thugs should have carried out their attack on a gay man in Cornwall. The Police in Cornwall more likly to HELP give a gay person a kicking! A similar attack on two gay men on Flora Day May 2006 is still not resolved. Cornwall:- Probably the most Institutionaly Homophobic place in Britain!

    1. The Rutherford thugs are my nephews , what they did were wrong but they need to stay out of jail , the simple reason being so they can have it done to them while there both free (:

  2. Robert, ex pat Brit 17 Sep 2007, 1:21pm

    Malcolm, as I’ve said in other posts, had it been a racially or religously motivated attack, there would have been government intervention and public outrage by the media. But, because its us, its ok, homophobia is ok in the UK. We’re part of the problem because we’ve become complacent. At least Holland has taken its own homophobia problems seriously, the highest in western Europe right now, surprisingly.

  3. Robert… there are racist and religious attacks all the time in the UK. There are many more racists attacks in London than gay bashings for example. There are no outcries about racist or religious attacks (where did you get that idea?), they happen every day. Hate crime happens, as far as I can see, in all socities.

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 18 Sep 2007, 1:20pm

    David, my point being is that racial and religious-based violent attacks have laws in place protecting people from such crimes. Gays don’t. Why should it be ok to deny us the same protection? What would heterosexuals do if gays commited the same acts upon them and they had no recourse? Its homophobia, and homophobia is ok in the UK. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and perhaps Jody Dobrowski would still be alive today had such an equality law been in place.

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