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Lithuania considers ban on “propagation of homosexuality”

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  1. Have these backwars EU countries learned nothing? Section 28 was a total and dismal failure and as far as I’m aware didn’t attract a single prosecution. So why, Oh why do these silly little homophobic ex-communist countries still persist with such laws?Also, do they really believe that somehow Gay people are so powerful that they can suddenly turn their whole populations off marriage and into a nation of screaming queens?! Of course not.All this smacks of scape goating, a polical tool used for centuries. The Nazis used it to demonise the Jews and Lithuania and their ilk are merely repeating the tactic. Pathetic.

  2. Ciaran McMahon 13 Sep 2007, 2:00pm

    The Polish, the Lithuanians, the Latvians… bless their little homophobic governments, these backwater countries are still living in the old USSR.Why did we let them into the EU again? They need another 50 years to civilise and get on par with the rest of Europe before we let them in to the EU…

  3. it is really really sad to see how morally backward some of the former east european countries are, but what i find sadder is how little the EU does to penalise them for their over homophobia. Any EU country which seeks to implement this sort of legislation should be suspended from the EU, or atleast have their development grants frozen…that would put the lid on this sort of nonsense. Countries like poland lithuania latvia estonia etc need to learn that the EU is a 2 way street. If they want the trade and the visa free travel and the Billions of Euros of develoment aid, which our taxes pay for, they toe the line with regards to equality and Human rights legislation. But the EU has to do more to make them. That’s way all the cynics who say that it was the EU that forced the UK government to implement equality legislation are WRONG. Unfortunately the EU doesn’t FORCE member states, in these cases it should

  4. Robert, ex pat Brit 13 Sep 2007, 4:11pm

    Andy, you’re absolutely right about the EU. No country should be permitted to join if its not prepared to abide by the rule, regulations and conditions affecting all member states. I’d expel Poland, Russia and all the other eastern european primtive societies and I’d certainly bar Turkey from joining too with its new islamic leader in power.You can be if Poland, Russia and their ilk were discriminating against Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Christians there would be a totally different response from the EU and elsewhere. Lets make no mistake, homophobia is pandemic in even the western EU states. There should be one set of rules/laws across the board on equality, full marriage equality and nondiscrimination in the delivery of goods and services, without exception. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. For mor information: , .

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