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Politics writer to challenge Tory MP

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Reader comments

  1. Chris Davies 11 Sep 2007, 9:30am

    Well little Alex will have the pleasure as he tours Macclesfield of viewing the second wealthiest place in the UK after Kensington Chelsea!I suggest he frightens the plutocrats by declaring his support for an annual wealth tax set at 1% rising like the French Taux de Solidarite with an entire new HMRC department with 2000 operatives entitled to enter and inspect homes,garages and marinas and compile asset inventories.Penalties for Tax evasion and avoidance should be draconian with minimum sentences of 20 years for amounts over £10.00.And no more Non-dom status – if it is earned here it is taxed here.Let’s start giving them trouble at Immigration Control! Of course Winterton and his wife are both nasty pieces of work – the only way you can tell the difference is the manner in which his neck flares when he gets excited.But with AstraZeneca as the main employer in the area what else do you expect.Perhaps Winterton is having hot flushes from the Zoladex.Tip – try and talk to the laboratory staff and the rest of the serfs at Alderley Park even if you have to stand outside the main gates – ditto Macclesfield works.

  2. you nutter!most of that makes no sense

  3. Chris Davies 13 Sep 2007, 6:38pm

    It might be nonsense to you – but to a bright lad like young Alex it will be informative – he will be observant as I was when watching his cameo for Channel 4’s Gay to Z made in his office in Portcullis House with Dr Kumar’s office insurance cover note on the wall behind his head.So you knew who his MP employer was even though it was not mentioned on the programme.Frankly I wonder if he is not being used as a gay totem by Labour Central.He is certainly getting an early introduction to Parliamentary politics without any grounding in local politics that I am aware of.However in Macclesfield,he will have to be careful not to be made a fool off – this is the land of millionaire business men and pharmaceutical industry senior management – hard men.For a laugh-Alex-have a look at the local Council Tax for Prestbury!

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