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Actor admits gay Hollyoaks role was uncomfortable

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Reader comments

  1. ““Realistically, I wasn’t comfortable but I did it and I’ve learned an incredible amount from it.”

    *roll-eyes* Sheesh, what did you learn there Guy, that acting really isn’t rocket science?

  2. Well he is honest, maybe it would have been more interesting to know more about the way it made him feel, and why. It might be not the acting, that is the problem, but the circus around a storyline like that. If he did not want to do it in the first place, why put him through it. It seems like a waste of airtime to approach a gay storyline that way.

  3. Hollyaoks has more LGBT related story lines than any other soap I have had the misfortune of catching on TV. It has covered many areas of LGBT life including closet-cases, homosexuality and religion and more recently, an FTM trans-gender story line.

    It really is good for portraying LGBT stories and lives as is Channel 4 generally. Even ITV has fairly good LGBT coverage. The BBC however, not a sausage haha!

  4. Hollyoaks is about as close to reality as Bruce Forsyth’s hairpiece.

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