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Homophobic neo-Nazi gang charged in Israel

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  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 10 Sep 2007, 12:59am

    The zionist chickens come home to roost… The state established by zionists in 1948 was founded using terror (Irgun, Dier Yassin) to steal and colonize Palestinian land. Its long had striking parallels to the Nazi regime. Racist apartheid laws have shoved the Palestinians into destitution and reduced them to a super exploited layer of marginal workers. The treatment of Palestinians is just short of genocidal. They’re regularly terrorized by colonial police, military, and security services that use murder, wanton anti civilian rocket, tank and artillery attacks, beatings and widespread torture. The death toll is a crime. Heath care, nutrition and social services are poor begin with and more than a few Palestinians, including children have died while their ambulances are ‘inspected’ for hours at the apartheid border. They also mimic Nazis in their approach to ‘peace’. It’s a policy of chewing up their neighbors, gobbling up a ‘piece’ of Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, or Syria, and maybe later a slice of Turkey. There is no irony here, just imitation.

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 10 Sep 2007, 2:40am

    Here are some links to historic and current questions about the Palestinians and the role of zionism.But I have to warn you that even if you read them some people will tell you to visit occupied Palestine before you form opinions and somebody will write from Tel Aviv and say that they’re happy and were never shot at by the IDF, so why all the fuss? http://www.electronicintifada.netwww.palestineremembered.comOnline book entitled The Jewish Question by Abram Leon available at this link Online book entitled The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman available at this link

  3. Robert, ex pat Brit 10 Sep 2007, 1:33pm

    Bill, if you recall, when the British occupied Palestine, before Israel become an independent country, one of the prime reasons the British were there was to keep both sides from anihiliating one another. Unfortunately, the Hagganah (Menachem Begin was one of its members), an arguable terrorist organisation resisted British occupation and with the help primarily from the U.S. government and others was instrumental in kicking the British out regardless of the consequences which resulted in dividing up that part of the world based on biblical interpretation of the old testament which favoured Israel. That was the root of the troubles we’re now seeing, it was of Israel’s making unfortunately.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. Bill Perdue 10 Sep 2007, 7:38pm

    Robert, I think Begin was in the Irgun, but it doesn’t matter. !n the 40’s and especially after the war ended Irgun, the labor backed Palmach, the Stern gang and Hagennah were all attacking Palestinians to terrorize them, using occasional massacres involving widespread and deliberate murder of civilians, including children, as at Deir Yassin. Their goal was to force Palestinians off the land and into refugee camps or to flee the country to make way for colonialists from Europe. Roughly 750,000 Palestinians fled and roughly 900,000 European colonists occupied their homes, farms, cities and towns. Then the colonial state declared by the zionists passed the ‘Absentee Property Law’ and commandeered whole regions, including towns, villages, and farmland. An unknown but substantial number of Palestinians died during this period and even more fell victim as their refugee status became permanent. All this unfolded in the late 1940’s while the Brit and other European empires were rapidly decomposing. The situation was set in motion when Palestine and much of the region fell under colonial rule by European empires. When these empires collapsed they left a great deal of violence in their wake. Many of the most explosive standoffs in the world, like the conflicts in Palestine, between Iraq and Kuwait, the Indian Pakistani standoff, the African genocides and the opportunistic American attempts to colonize Vietnam and Iraq stem from the imperial collapses. They caused disastrous levels of violence in Palestine, India, Cyprus and a number of other countries and extended through the 1960’s and ‘70’s into Africa and Asia. These violent episodes stemmed from European colonization and later unwillingness or inability (having been crippled by two world wars where US banks were the only real winners) to respond with sufficient military, humanitarian or civil resources to prevent them. The results were staggering. The partition of India/Pakistan was even worse than events in Palestine. About 15 million people moved one way or the other, roughly 7.5 million of each ethnicity and between 500,000 and 1,000,000 died. Stats for these conflicts, like India/Pakistan, Palestine, and the US war against the Vietnamese or the Iraqis vary widely. That’s because the killers want to escape responsibility and because people are just dying too fast for an accurate count.

  5. Can we get this in perspective? A few non practicising Jewish immigrants to Israel behave like a few equally stupid counterparts in any European country. That’s it. But hey, the anti-Israel bigots soon start foaming at the mouth.Let’s not forget that gays have rights in Israel similar to Western Europe. Rights that are denied in any of the countries that surround Israel.And at least Israel had the decency to arrest these hate filled individuals. The type of hatred that seems government policy in several of Israel’s neighbours.

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