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TURING: Yours shamefully

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Reader comments

  1. Like I’ve said before, this is about homophobia in our government and society, nothing more. If she were not gay but fleeing persecution because of religious or ethnic reasons, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Its so transparent what our government is doing. What a disgrace that Italy opens it doors, along with Holland and Germany. I’m surprised Amnesty International doesn’t put the UK on the human rights watch list, thoroughly deserves to be there. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  2. Why don’t all these human rights groups and the UN put pressure on these islamic countries that persecute gays rather than moaning at Western countries?

  3. Robert,,, I agree with what you’re saying but it’s absolutely not just homosexual people who have asylum claims rejected… aylum seekers get deported all the time when claiming asylum on the grounds of religious and ethnic minority reasons, it happens virtually everyday without a mention in the news… in fact the person who this report highlights is, in a way, a welcome change… it is good to see an asylum seeker actually getting any attention at all…and it now has been reported in the mainstream media e.g. the guardian.It seems to me the cause of the lack of both media, government and general interest toward people claiming asylum is the sheer number that the UK receives… which is perceived by many, many people as being overwhelming… that and a load of other stuff about changing our society, crime and gang violence amongst immigrant communities, destroying the basis of the benefits, health, housing systems etc. etc. Anyway, it’s insane and inhumane to send any gay or lesbian person back to Iran in my opinion. I’ve contacted my MP and the home office about the treatment of Ms. Emambakhsh and would encourage others to do the same. For what it’s worth, at least Ms Emambakhsh has had at least some attention to her situation.

  4. Mick, thank you so much, in fact I saw an interview that Peter Tatchell conducted on this very subject. I do appreciate the overhwhelming problem of asylum in the UK, but I still cannnot understand why we, supposedly a compassionate society would want to return someone to possible death in a country whose regime is known to be in violation of human rights. It is unconscionable for the UK to send someone knowingly to their death. Asylum in these cases should be automatic and supported by any civilised society without exception. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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