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Gay couples unhappy with Canadian census question

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Reader comments

  1. What fool thinks that a question on a census form will give an accurate account of how many GLBT people there are in the country?Does anyone really think that the majority of gay people will say they are gay on a form? Does anyone thing that all out and proud gay people are going to give away their privacy? Does ANYONE think that closeted GLBT people are going to check the box? Does anyone think that the married homosexual man with kids is going to check the gay box?Give me a break.I would be willing to bet that the majority of homo/bisexually ORIENTED people will not say so on a census survey.Then these incredibly low numbers will be used, and misused, to underestimate our numbers in society.How is that supposed to help anyone but anti-gay people?This is a stupid idea that had to have been dreamed up by a clueless heterosexual.

  2. Zeke, again, you are right. There are many gay people who would never complete a census questionnaire, and I think the estimate of approximately 3 million gay people in the UK is vastly underestimated. It only proves that there isn’t much equality as we like to think there is, otherwise we wouldn’t have to live in fear of this information being used against us. I’m convinced that full marriage equality would have had a more positive impact on attitudes and outcomes since many of the laws of the land mention marriage, not civil partnerships. How many government/employment/insurance/death certificates have a provision for civil partnerships to be checked off? Not many. Mostly all state marital status, spouse etc. So transparent.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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