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Church of England attacks equality legislation

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Reader comments

  1. Ciaran McMahon - Dublin 7 Sep 2007, 12:44pm

    AngieRS, I couldn’t agree more. 2000 year of their relentless persecution, torching the inocents, burning books… and now they moan because they’re not allowed to persecute any more. Well, boo-fucking-hoo.Belief and religion cease to be faith when they attack the rights of another to life their own life without interference. Equal rights should ALWAYS supersede the rights of one’s belief to persecute another. This isn’t about belief or faith, its about control through fear and hate. So, as was beautifully put previously, fuck `em!

  2. The inmates who have taken over the C of E asylum have become so delusional that they seem completely unaware of their hypocrisy.THEY have the audacity to claim that discrimination against them is considered a lesser offense than discrimination against other groups, AT THE VERY SAME TIME that they are trying to make discrimination against gay people a lesser offense, or NO offense at all.THEY have the audacity to complain that, “Religion and belief seemed to be treated as subordinate to other rights because they were deemed to be a personal choice”, AT THE VERY SAME TIME that they claim gay people should not be protected from discrimination or given equal rights because homosexuality is a choice. Forget the fact that there is no disputing that religion IS a choice whereas NO peer reviewed study on sexual orientation backs up their claim that sexual orientation is a matter of choice while many studies have suggested that orientation is completely, or largely, set at birth through genetic, physiological or hormonal influences (or a combination some or all of these things).The Church of England seems determined to make themselves an endangered, or even extinct, species; a relic of a superstitious time long past.Instead of moving toward the future, the C of E has chosen to hop in the proverbial bed with the likes of Peter Akinola and the 14th Century minded African branch of their sect.If this latest bit of rubbish is any indication of their spiritual direction then their demise can’t come soon enough for me.Please forgive my American spelling.

  3. I’ve been censored. Well done Pink News. Very brave.

  4. Zeke, you are absolutely right on about the C of E. Its about time state religion was banned once and for all. Its an anachronistic institution that hasn’t evolved much since the reformation. It has no place in a progressive society and needs to get its own house in order before passing judgment on the rest of us. I find it ironic and offensive that gay tax payers have some of their taxes used to contribute to its existence and homophobia in the form of government funding. Karl Marx was so right in describing religion as the opiate of the people, it IS and always will be. Its a sick institution with a monopoly on bigotry, hypocrisy and sexual repression, but then that applies to most of religion everywhere. If it doesn’t want to comply with equality laws, then remove its funding altogether. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. “AngieRS” one of your comments has been removed from our site because it contained expletives.Tiresome as your comments are, they are not being censored.

  6. So it’s just my “tiresome” posts which are deleted because they contain expletives. So Ciaran McMahon’s post was ok was it.See you then. I’ll get my “Pink” news elsewhere.

  7. His comments do not appear on the main page of the site. If the expletive occurs in the first sentence of a post it is removed in order to comply with our worksafe policy.We periodically examine the entire text of all comments and at that time all offensive or libellous comments will be removed.

  8. Joanna Rowland-Stuart 8 Sep 2007, 6:11pm

    I would have thought a more appropriate response would have been to remove the expletive from the post, or to have the system replace offending words with asterisks, rather than delete the post entirely, unless of course the expletive WAS the post.Otherwise perfectly valid comments risk being expunged for one small transgression.This aside, in my view, calling someone “tiresome” simply because they are particularly vocal is probably not the most constructive of comments, and would likely cause more complaints than the original removal of the comment.Ultimately, the editor’s decision on content is final, and I have no doubt that everyone respects that. It is just unfortunate that the censorship is triggered by what is seen these days as relatively moderate expletives.

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