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Euro court to rule on gay partner’s pension rights

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Reader comments

  1. Over and over and over again we get told that all of these “partnership” laws provide ALL the rights and benefits of marriage and over and over and over again we discover, through dribs and drabs, that this claim is bunk.The fact of the matter is NO separate institution will EVER be equal to marriage.European countries need to pass full marriage equality (including the name) for ALL of their citizens, gay and straight. Otherwise they have NO right to look down their noses at America and pretend that they treat their gay and lesbian citizens with FULL legal equality.Except for in Holland, Belgium, Spain and soon Sweden, that simply is NOT true.It’s time for England to take the next step as well.Civil Unions should be available to ALL and Marriage should be available to all.

  2. Well done Tadao Maruko!I retired with over 30 year’s service with one company and after sharing my life for 37 years with my (now) Civil Partner. The company still denies my Partner the equivalent pension rights provided to a spouse. They will only meet the minimum legal requirements which is half the GMP since 1988 and half the Protected Rights since 1997 – a fraction of my full pension. Even with this ruling I bet they still will try to wriggle out of it!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Apr 2008, 6:49pm

    Ian, would the same pension and GMP rules apply if you’d married a woman had you been in the same situation? If not, then this clearly would prove that your partnership is not equal to a married couple. I’d be interested to know the outcome of straight married couples in an identical situation.

  4. Re Robert’s query on my original posting: Had I a spouse then she would receive 50% of my entire pension on my demise. Clearly, in this respect , Civil Partnership does not equal marriage!

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Apr 2008, 12:54pm

    Ian, thank you very much for the clarification. I had a gut feeling that was the case, then it clearly does prove that partnerships are not equal or an equivalent as most claim they are. It also demonstrates the need for full equality and I hope the government will address that in the coming months. Thank you again.

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