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Senior Tory: Civil partnerships ‘insult the intelligence’

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Reader comments

  1. Looks like another Election win for Labour. Those old Tory bigots just won’t go away and die.

  2. Here’s wishing a long life to Michael Ancram and his goddess, Margaret Thatcher. May they continue to remind us of why their ilk should never again be elected on these shores!

  3. I think Cameron et al should wake up, small the coffee, and realise that the LGBT community has VOTES and increasingly financial power and are not frightened to use either.The old bigotted arguments about homosexuality as a vote winner are long gone so it’s time the Tory Party moved on, got over it, and started to concentrate on the real issues that worry the average person living in the UK like crime, poverty, unemployment, immigration and the host of other real issues. Frankly, the average man or woman in the street is hardly bothered these days about the Gay agenda.

  4. churchwatcher 4 Sep 2007, 3:50pm

    Of course Amcram is also a Roman Arselick, as they call them in the army, so he will want to please not only Ma Thatcher but also Auntie Ratzinger.

  5. elizabeth veldon 4 Sep 2007, 4:44pm

    laughing all the way to the Concentration Camps for Queers.

  6. The gay Tory apologists, like the gay “Log Cabin Republicans” here in America, just can’t spin and revise fast enough to keep up with these fools that insist on showing their true colors.

  7. If the conservative, homophobic MP’s and Lords in England are anything like the conservative, homophobic Senators and Representatives in America, you can expect to hear about dear Mr. Ancram being arrested for soliciting a male police officer for sex in a public restroom any day now.

  8. As an advertisment for Labour, the Conservatives take some beating.

  9. another twat that opens his mouth before he thinks. The main problem in this counrty at present is the anti socail behavior of the young. And where do the majority of them come from. Straight hetrosexual marriages. Not that I have any thing against any union, but is not the answer to all our problems. It wankers like this that will always keep the tory out of government. Regardless of what the current polls tells us.

  10. Zeke in Ancram’s case, he’d probably end up doing a hooker like Vitter, I doubt if any sane gay hustler would deign to service that ugly bastard’s weeny.Anon, you have a point. Most of the ASBO’s are issued against the ignorant progeny of heterosexual marriage, so much for the stability that only hetero marriage can provide in society. Holds no water any more. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  11. David_London 5 Sep 2007, 12:00am

    I agree with what previous people have said. Ancram has done a lot of damage to the Conservative Party by saying what he did (not that I give a toss as I would never vote for them anyway). To be fair to the Tory’s though the response was that his statement was “bizarre”Anymore of what Ancram did and they will stay out of office for another ten years…I’d be glad too.

  12. Hi David_London, totally agree, and you wouldn’t be “London_Dave” by any chance from the boards of is Robert (Kettering) from the same previously lively board before the plug was pulled!

  13. It is about time that the Conservative Party woke up started living in the real world not that of the erst-while Empire! Mr Ancram; haven’t you yet realised that a soul has no gender? love between two loving souls must be respected by one all. If two loving Souls wish to be married, what right have you, or any other persons, to interfere refuse them equal rights respect as that of their “Hetro-sexual” compatriots. I wonder if you ever had a “Pash” (crush) on another boy?

  14. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 5 Sep 2007, 4:40am

    I’ve always thought that the differences between liberals and conservatives were cosmetic. But Ancram’s bigoted snorting shows that conservatives, unlike liberals who share their politics, aren’t afraid be seen as bigots. Their other real fight is about elections. The pig who wins goes to the trough and gobbles slops left by the uberbillionaires. That’s how these little porkers, liberal and conservative, get rich. Conservative or Liberal Democrat or pro-capitalist Labourites in your country, or Democrat or Republican in the US, they’re littermates. I’ll be so thankful when Bacon Day finally rolls around.

  15. What a joy to see a man who wouldn’t look out of place at the “Ministry” in a St Trinian’s film helping to destroy his own party. Both he and Redwood have now gone behind their leader’s back to produce reports or alternative manifesto’s.Cameron can’t control his own party never mind his country.Keep it up Tories, you’re showing your true colours now. Hatred and greed – it’s what you’re good at.

  16. Steven Rhodes 5 Sep 2007, 10:21am

    This is going to be an interesting autumn; because there will be more rumblings like this from classic Thatcherite Tories for whom tax cuts (oh, sorry George,’sharing the proceeds of growth’) are not enough. Let’s see how David Cameron looks after he has to mollify that lot. To Bill Perdue, etc, kindly remember that the Liberal-Democrats were the only major party to put Gay equality in their manifesto – years before Labour. Tony may have done us some favours – but he wasn’t prepared to put his beliefs before the electorate when it counted.

  17. Ancram has let the cat out of the bag as far as grass roots conservatism is concerned. It has not changed! Putting value on a Thatherite , section 28 past, insulting the gay community with an attack on civil partnerships, and has the arrogance to state that it damages the family concept and of the community! Tories! Ancrams outburst confirms you just can’t trust them!

  18. Ancram’s Catholic outburst is bad news all round – perhaps it betrays the “true” Tory stance but what it does do is to let Gordon’s Nu Labour off the hook in making any further progress on Gay Rights.But the key to this outburst remains the fact that (Lord) Ancram is a Roman Catholic peer primarily peddling the Vatican line just like Widdecombe and Edward Leigh.There will be less support for this line in the Tory Party than the Tory Catholics would wish us all to think.

  19. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Sep 2007, 7:15pm

    Another piece of completely unbiased reporting about the Conservative party, following on the heels of the last little gem, where Cameron happily referred to civil partnerships as marriage, gave them entirely equal footing, and even confirmed it with a footnote, but pinknews managed to twist this round to him thinking we’re all something he’d scrap off his shoe.A politician was spoken out of turn and the party has distanced itself from him and his comments. The fact that they have chosen to do so and so quickly and forcefully, could havebeen the thread of this story, but instead we got this drivel.”Any positive PR results the party may have hoped for fell to pieces with the revelation …” Well I’m sorry, but I watched the evening news last night and I saw no mention of his views on homosexuality. I think ‘fell to pieces’ is stretching it a bit – quite a bit.Ancram’s comments are being rubbished everywhere bar here. The link below to politicalbetting’s website gives an idea of views out in the real world.If I want fiction I’ll ready Harry bloody Potter and if the reports on this site want to vote Labour then it’s obviously their choice to do so. As for the Michael Cashman, the sooner he finds something he’s good at the better. Perhaps he should have a word with Margaret Hodge about racism and xenophobia “Established British families should be given priority over economic migrants for council housing, government minister Margaret Hodge has said.”Any chance we could get a bit of unbiased political reporting any time soon Mr Editor?

  20. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Sep 2007, 8:03pm

    And another thing while my bloods really up “A gay Labour politician has pledged his support for Ruth Kelly amid criticism of her appointment as Minister for Women and Equality due to her poor voting record on gay rights”, plucked from the pages of this very site.Washed up former Eastenders luvvie Michael Cashman seems very forgiving or transgressions within his own party but not quite so forgiving other them when they involve other parties.He didn’t have too much to say in 1994 where the 37 Labour MPs who chose to vote against (what we thought was) Labour policy on an equal age of consent, and in so doing scuppered the equality amendment.Bit part Eastenders extra Michael Cashman, had the opportunity when elected to campaign for rights and equality for the gay community, instead he has campaigned only for his party and more often than not himself.

  21. Russell Lines 5 Sep 2007, 10:21pm

    As a gay man in a relationship what makes me mad is people prattling on about civil partnerships and treating them as marriage… It is not marriage it is better as it is not a institution it is a commitment whihc I feel means more than marriage. I am enterng a partnership later this year and find it irksome that people associate it as a marriage.

  22. Talking as a gay Tory I’m quite surprised at the reaction to an old has-been that just so happens to be in the Tory party. Labour has a less but still a fair share of Roman Catholics that vote against gay rights and equality. As to the issue of anti-social behaviour – most ASBOs are given to kids of single parents rather than those married hence the emphasis on marriage that Cameron is spouting. As to homophobia – most of that which I have been the victim of is by yobs on street corners – surely a “zero-tolerance” approach is what is needed to tackle homophobia – it doesn’t always need to be directly tailored for gays for it to work.

  23. Not forgetting, Dazza, that it was Ancram and co who brought in Section 28, and when Labour first sought to repeal it, it was the tory lords who threw it out and it took 3 years before that was repealed. Not forgetting it was Tebbit and and co who put up such resistance to the Civil Partnership act. All out of the same mould.Nor should we forget that it took the use of the parliament act for the age of consent to be lowered to 16. Many influential tories, such as Baroness Young voted against using spurious arguments such as “Homosexual practices carry great health risks to young people.” They were only thinking of the children. All the old guard and all still active in the party, despite anything that Cameron says.Labour may have had a few on the anti side but they would have been the only labour minority this country has seen in the last few years.

  24. I understand your position, Conservatives have a very bad track record in the order of gay rights however, in recent years the shadow cabinet has became more representative than the labour or lib dem front benches. Alan Duncan being the first openly gay shadow minister and Sayeeda Warsi being the first ever Muslim Women in any front bench. I might also add that this year the tories had floats at most of the main Pride events. Last Sunday Tory MEP and Health Spokesman John Bowis speech on the travesty of only 6% of schools having a policy for homophobic bullying. Also, only 2 of the 31 shadow ministers voted against the creation of civil partnerships. A long way forward for a generally precieved as homophobic party. To finalise, given the general media scrutiniy of all political policy it would be hard for any party to detract from equality acts not ignore them. Alan Duncan plans on bringing in private members bills next perimentary term for the furtherance of lgbt equality. I am confident that the Tories are committed to a fair and equal society and until they prove me wrong I believe that they deserve another chance at achieving it.

  25. churchwatcher 6 Sep 2007, 7:29am

    Well Dazza I think Sayeeda Warsi does not inspire confidence. She ran an openly homophobic campaign against her fellow muslim Shaheed Malik – not gay as far as I know but not homophobic either. I am glad to say he won and she lost. I think she has got a little proving to do before I would trust her. I think Alan Duncan has got a lot to deliver for David Cameron before many gay men will trust the Tories with their vote,

  26. Joe Walsh 6 Sep 2007, 8:20am

    “I might also add that this year the tories had floats at most of the main Pride events”So? This is PR, not a commitment to gay rights. I’m sorry, but you seem to be blinded by the obvious, Dazza, the core of the Tories is homophobic no matter what whitewash is applied to the surface. They have an appalling track record in LGBT rights, and a few “concessions”, like a pride float, does nothing to make me think I will ever vote for them. In fact, Mr. Ancram’s statement has confirmed what we all suspect, a vote for the Tories will ultimately roll back all positive the changes made to our lives.Time to open your eyes, Dazza, and maybe question why YOU are with the Tories? A gay Tory is like a gay catholic… they just can’t exist together without some large measure of self denial or self loathing..

  27. Okay Joe, so you don’t think the Tory party has changed at all. Do you think it will change by people sitting on the outside damning everything aspect of their being because of one policy issue? I, and I would assume Dazza, take the view that I can change the few things I don’t like by becoming involved and enacting change from within.Unlike you I’m guessing, I also believe that there is more to running this country than a few old men’s views on the evils of homosexuality – a properly managed economy, built on stable foundations, pensions for the elderly that haven’t been blundered every time the exchequer is short of cash, jobs ands security for generations to come, some semblance of law and order, prosperity and some sort of a future for the poorest people in our society, rather than the charade that Labour has created, which has made the poor poorer and the rich richer, an education system that will enable young people to go out into the world with the skills they need for life and many more things that Labour seems unable to provide.Equality is not a Labour invention. It was thrust upon us by Europe. Have a quick look through the Treaty of Amsterdam and maybe it will give you a clearer insight into equality. There are various summaries on the net that should make it a bit more readable.Check out also Peter Tatchell’s website which gives a fairly detailed critique of the broken promises of Labour in relation to gay equality.I think you’ll find that if you take the time to read at least some of it, it might just burst that little bubble you seem to be living in. That my friend is the very simple reason why I joined the Tory party.

  28. “Equality is not a Labour invention. It was thrust upon us by Europe.”Well then long may they “thrust”, its about time someone did.Yes, there’s more to running the country than gay issues, but I am gay, and issues that prevent my discrimination, stop unacceptable prejudice against me, and legally protect my partner and I are more important to me than a few pence either way in my pay packet or what is “thrust upon us by Europe”.You can keep your Tory party faith, I for one don’t share it, or trust in it. That is after all, what democracy is about.

  29. “it might just burst that little bubble you seem to be living in”Yeah, Steve, and the bubble you’re living in is called denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt you know.The “changed Tory party”, yeah right. We’re not all fools. If all us gay men voted for them, we’ll soon be back in the 1800.

  30. steve ..just have to take issue with the whole “thrust upon them by europe” line…There’s a lot wrong with the labour party and government… i for one am not sure I’ll vote for them again…but i don’t think you can fault them MUCH on gay issues… yes europe talks the talk re gay equality but does virtually nothing to enforce the talk …look at poland…estonia…latvia etc where homophobia is blatntly broadcast. succesive labour governments have pushed the uk into the top ten countries in the world, let alone europe as far as gay equality is concerned…you can criticise the Labour party on hundreds of other issues but gay rights isn’t one of them…Britain is way ahead of the vast majority of EU states on gay rights (notable exceptions being Spain, the Netherlands and some scandinavian countries)and we have the Labour government to thank for that not the EU.

  31. Pete – If we all joined the party, we’d all have a say on policy. Surely that can’t be so difficult to follow.Andy – I take is you neither read the Treaty of Amsterdam, nor Peter Tatchell’s history of the New Labour Party and equality. Enforcement against member states that breach the treaty is being discussed at the moment. A procedure is laid down for dealing with cases where a Member State has committed a breach of the principles on which the Union is based. As with the UN, the EU attempts to deal with breaches by negotiated solution first rather than heavy handed enforcement, a process which is ongoing.

  32. Gay tories are the equivalent of American Log Cabin republicans, many of whom are in the closet and supporting a party that espouses hatred and intolerance and doesn’t believe in full equality for its gay and lesbian members. The same people who vote for antigay legislation. Both are parties that engender the self-loathing that brought about the disgusting behavior of Larry Craig. Ancram’s comments are just scratching at the surface of the homophobia that lies beneath the Tory party’s platform. If gay bashing were the only way to gain more votes to take back 10 Downing Street, Cameron would be gung-ho about that, make no mistake. It worked for George Bush in two elections, don’t forget! Be very careful you who vote for!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  33. Sister Mary Clarance 6 Sep 2007, 10:48pm

    Robert, I can only assume from the ‘Ex-pat’ tag you use and your comments that you’re living on Mars.The Lib Dem/Conservative run Southwark Council has just been voted one of the most supportive councils in England for the LGBT communities.The Conservative party in Southwark is awash with gay people. There are more gay couples at the annual Christmas dinner than you could shake a stick at. Its much the same in Lambeth. Not sure where you’re getting your facts from about self loathing or that to be gay and support the Tories you have to be in the closet.Times have moved on since you left these shores I think.To be fair though with the bias reporting that exists on this site in relation to all things political its little wonder that people have such screwy views about politics

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