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Dean tells US gays: ‘We’ll make the changes you’re looking for’

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 5 Sep 2007, 5:22am

    Howard Dean wants us to vote Democrat and this time they’ll keep their promises. Like they did after the 2006 elections when they variously promised to bring the troops home, impeach and convict Bush, etc. Instead they treacherously support the war. It’s not new for them. LBJ earned the title ‘war criminal’ digging the graves of upwards of a million Vietnamese and about 60,000 GI’s. His Democrat/Republican war program is still being perused by Bush in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon, with nukes, in Iran. Hillary Clinton and most Democrats support Bush’s blood illegal wars. Bill Clinton and the Democrat Congress rammed the bigoted antigay federal Defense Of Marriage Act, the DOMA into law, and their Republican cousins are using that precedent against us in state after state. Bill Clinton and the Democrat Congress are responsible for the bigoted antigay Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell , DADT. Etc., Etc., Etc. Hillary Clinton favors the Bush position of continued hostility to the Cuban Revolution and has attacked those who oppose the use of nukes against Iran. Democrats’ are opposed to socialized medicine, immigrant rights, and taking stern, effective measures against antigay bigots, racist and misogynists. The other Democrat candidates are just as bad. John Edwards, a fraudulent “friend of the working man”, invests most of his fortune (how do these politicians get so rich?) in a company that’s foreclosing on mortgage holders right and left. It’s too early to tell which party will win the 2008 election but working people along with gays and lesbians and our allies will surely be the losers. Most people know that and cheerfully boycott the elections. Gay and lesbian activists however, need to go a step beyond and use the elections as an organizing tool to educate and mobilize. Being in the US Labor Party is a big step in that direction. So is voting for leftist, socialist, communist or anti-capitalist ‘green’ parties. Take your pick. But don’t vote for your enemies just because some ass, in a self-induced panic, brays that ‘it’s a crucial election’. They always say that.