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US priest turns to Uganda to fight homosexuals

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  1. Yes “Bishop” Magambo, and it wasn’t so long ago that the same Anglican Church said that the enslavement of Africans was morally and theologically right and even heavily invested in the trade!Strange how Africans have such a memory loss when it comes to their own treatment in the past, backed up by the bishops, yet so readily and gleefully seek to persecute others?Hypocrites!

  2. Muppets

  3. Uganda already persecutes its gay citizens and not content with that now seeks to export their hatred through the church. It still amazes me that anyone still believes the mixture of fable and hate that is religion, but let that pass.What REALLY amazes me is that THIS SITE, under THIS ARTICLE, carries advertising links enticing site visitors – presumably gay – to actually visit Uganda!!We should be BOYCOTTING Uganda, not supporting them with our tourist money. What the heck is going on?

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