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Gay superhero comes to the rescue

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  1. Michael R 4 Sep 2007, 2:56am

    The thing with that northstar story in x-men where he got killed, they did a follow up in wolverine where northstar is brought back to life by hydra and the Hand, the same ones who took control of wolverine to have him kill northstar, except northstar is now evil and under their control.I don’t know what marvel did after this but have not heard anything about him turning back to normal, frankly his ressurection was probably done out of the fan bases disgust at them killing off their only gay hero, so they brought him back but have him held on reserve until they decided to do something with him.Northstar is in fact just a ‘token’ gay hero with no main story and, like this post says, not really representing anything else. One gay and out hero that should be give regard though is wildstorms Midnighter, from the Authority, who is more often then not a central figure in the comics, who is gay, open, married to his team-mate Apollo and by no means down played.

  2. I kept my fingers crossed for luck in hopes that the NBC series HEROES would introduce a gay hero. They’ve got the perfect set-up, and this would give them an incredible following. The real-life gritty series makes it super easy for some hero to not only come forward as a powered being, but also as a gay man.I guess I’ll have to start drawing my own cartoons, and writing my own stories where gay men can be seen as heroes, too.

  3. I think Perry Moore might need to expand his horizons beyond Marvel characters if he’s interested in reading more GLBT characters.Northstar is a token gay hero, true, but other publishers have created GLBT characters with rich storylines, full character development. As mentioned above, Wildstorm’s title The Authority has a very public and very real gay couple: Apollo and The Midnighter (a pastiche of Superman and Batman). DC’s Renee Montoya, formerly a police detective and now The Question, dealt with an entire storyline where she was outed and had to deal with the effects on the force and with her family and girlfriend. There was a great scene where she’s telling off her commanding officer, also a lesbian, that she has no idea what she’s going through, in fact the new Batwoman is a lesbian and former girlfriend of Montoya’s.The characters are out there, no pun intended, and they are plentiful. I’m sure Moore’s book will be great, but there is hardly a dearth of queer characters in the comic pages. A good site with much more information on GLBT characters in comics is Gay League:

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