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GLAAD calls on TV host to apologise for anti-gay remarks

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  1. jerry pritikin 31 Aug 2007, 4:46pm

    I like to think of myself as a middle of the roader when it comes to politics. President Eisenhower warned us, taking that position will open you up to the extremes of both sides of an issue. Maybe, because of the fear… of being arrested, I never allowed myself to be involved in unlawful activities. In San Francisco during the 1960’s, I was invited to a group called SIR (Society for Individual Rights) and many of their members advocated having open public sex, where ever and when ever… Needless to say I did not join the group then, and feel now that public sex, whither gay or straight is unlawful. Maybe instead of using plain-clothes police in stings, they should consider placing uniformed officers near or in places that are used for public sex.

  2. This is a really complex issue, but I think GLAAD is wrong to classify this as homophobic and I think that the journalist and his friend did the right thing in getting this man arrested regardless of how you feel about cottaging.Cottaging is one thing, but physically grabbing a person who has not consented like that is assault (possibly sexual assault) and plain wrong.The guy was obviously a creep.If a female friend of yours was grabbed in a similar circumstance by a man, wouldn’t you want that man arrested and try to detain him if ou had the means to do so?It appears the way the comments came to light in the broadcast was a little inappropriate but that’s not the same thing as homophobic.If GLAAD is trying to make some sort of comparison between this and a “gay panic” attack, then that is wrong.The reason the “gay panic” defense is morally reprehensible is that the violent response of the person is so out of proportion to the perceived offense against them- that is what makes it wrong.That doesn’t mean that it is wrong for a straight man to act to stop a sexual advance no matter what the circumstances are full stop.In this case the response seems to have been in proportion to the situation.I hope GLAAD don’t persist to far with this as they may end up making themselves and the community they represent very silly.

  3. I have grown to despise Senator Craig the past couple of days. I dont dislike the man because of what he did necessarily, but what he said; “I am not gay, I don’t do these kinds of things.” It almost seems to equate being gay with hypersexuality or unlawful sexual activity. Not every gay man is sitting in the bathroom stall with his hand up the one next to him. Even though he claims to be straight, I believe the society who is always looking for an excuse to hate queers, will use this story to defent their own ideologies. This is what queer will look like to the world. Thanks Craig.

  4. Though I don’t condone what Senator Craig did, he really committed no crime in as much as he didn’t actually expose himself or touch anyone. To deny who he really is, is what I have a problem with. He has supported a conservative party that engenders self-loathing and it was obvious that Senator Craig was ashamed of who he is. Any sane, well adjusted gay man wouldn’t do what he did, let alone frequent public toilets to get his jollies. Its sad. It IS about homophobia though. If you look at Sen. David Vitter’s dalliance with a female escort, the media and the republican party didn’t really bat an eyelid or call for his resignation nor was he villified for it. Its a double standard and its obvious, this IS about homophobia. GLAAD is right!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  5. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 2 Sep 2007, 12:04am

    Andy, this is what Carlson Tucker, the perp in question, ACTUALLY said and his account is radically different from yours: Tucker Carlson said, ‘Having sex in a public men’s room is outrageous. It’s also really common. I’ve been bothered in men’s rooms.’ Carlson continued, ‘I got bothered in Georgetown Park,’ in Washington, D.C., ‘when I was in high school… I went back with someone I knew and grabbed the guy by the — you know, and grabbed him, and … hit him against the stall with his head, actually.’ How was this little pig ‘bothered”? Did the guy look ‘funny’ at him, piss on his face, rape him, wave his wee-wee? He dosen’t say so for now all we DO know is that typical Amerikkkan justice previaled and the the ‘botherer’ was arrested and the two little pigs who assaulted him walked.So Andy, WTF? Where did that little fantasy of yous come from? You’re not doing yourself, if you’re gay, or the rest of us any favors by applauding violence against gays. Who’s the creep here?

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