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BBC celebrates 50th anniversary of Wolfenden report

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Reader comments

  1. Michael R 1 Sep 2007, 8:41pm

    The last series of ‘gay celebration’ programs that had on was a serious disapointment, not just for me with friends and family who watched it. The last series of programs dedicated to the decrimilisation of homosexuality showed several depressing one offs that didn’t in any way show a any light hearted notion of real gay men in the real world.What I more felt that showed as a look at gay men from a straight mans perspective, as those that chase young boys, drag takers, those dying for disease or being gay based. For once it would be nice to see some programs on national t.v where gay men just living their lives normal instead of being a victim over and over.A lot of gay people complaned about the u.s QAF, but thats is probably the most up to date and modern take on gay mens lives as developing characters go.

  2. Susan Wilde 2 Sep 2007, 7:21pm

    Wot, no women! Jeez such a surprise – we continue to be the MOST hidden lives .. well women and blacks and ppl not naturally part of the upper starta of society too, to be fair .. How disappointing that the BEEB miss out so many of us and render their season’s title highly ironic!

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