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US Senator found guilty of gay misconduct

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Reader comments

  1. jerry pritikin 28 Aug 2007, 1:55pm

    Like most openly gays… I am against all public sex… and this episode exposes another “Republican” hypocrisy…”Do as I say, not as I do!” It seems this hypocrisyis the same as those found in religiousdoctrine. It is not new, and it will continueas long as they can get votes and contributions using anti-gay and abortion diatribes. As for Mr. Foreman of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force statement questioning tax dollars used in a sting operation? I’m disappointed… if they were using plain clothes cops in gay bars… that would be wrong… in a public washroom, it is understandable!

  2. Senator Craig is a classic example of republican hypocrisy in the form of a self-loathing gay who hides behind the facade of heterosexual marriage, advocates religion, while giving consent to antigay legislation. These people are despiscable liars, cheats, bigots and hypocrites. Oh how I gloat at them. I hope the socalled ex-gay ministries are paying attention. Unfortunuately, this pathetic man’s importuning in public toilet only promotes the myth that we’re all like him, predatory, perverted and promiscuous. The homophobes will be having a field day undoubtedly. People like this deserve to be outed!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  3. Ron Van Cleef 28 Aug 2007, 6:07pm

    Like many people, I am baffled by Republican politicians who denounce gay rights (either directly or by association with their party) and nevertheless engage in same-sex activity. It also seems strange that in this age of terrorism, police dedicate time to hassling people in bathrooms. I didn’t know “pink” was one of the colors in the Homeland Security Advisory System’s color code.

  4. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 28 Aug 2007, 6:15pm

    Closet cases like U.S. Senator Craig of Idaho, Florida fuckwit State Rep. Bob Allen, Ted Haggard, Bush’s evangelist bosom buddy who admits that he inhales drugs but denies inhaling dick, and U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, are all textbook examples of why the antigay practices of police agencies who try to entrap gay men are immoral and should be made illegal. I have no sympathy for these swine because each of them has supported antigay legislation and bigotry. The political price they’ll pay for their wretched hypocrisy is their problem, but it becomes our problem when the cops go after us, no matter where it is, and violate our human right to sexuality and our rights as citizens. We have a right to be promiscuous (observing safe sex guidelines) and a right to pursue sexual liaisons where and when we can. It’s something straights take for granted and we should have the same privileges. Besides, it’s fun. Prigs and prudes like J. Pritikin do us no service fawning and cringing before the throne of bigotry and supporting bigots when they say that police should be able to entrap and arrest us. And I can guarantee Pritikin that he does not speak for most gays, in or out of the closet.

  5. dopy dave here 28 Aug 2007, 7:57pm

    here here

  6. Another hypocrit out. Why cant they live and let live? You wanna be in closet, why then persecute gays??

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