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Prison Break star to come out says blogger

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  1. How on Earth can someone conclude that Wentworth miller is gay because He is hanging out with someone who is Gay??? Since when does hangin out with a gay person makes you gay as well? Since when does matching sandals or accessories mean gay??? If it is so then every two man i see walking are gay cuz now most of them are matching with their Lacoste t-shirt or flip flops etc…What is wrong with people trying to tag people without evidence. I mean don’t get me wrong, if Wentworth miller is gay good for him, it’s his life… but my problem remains on the so-called evidence that they are putting out to claim that he is GAY… it’s so stupid and dumb.Wentworth miller has been putting on weight since the end of the first season of Prison Break.It’s incredible how human being like to put tags on people like that simply because Wentworth is a private person, EVERY single person he hangs out with gives him a ridiculous verdict based on NOTHING!!!! Stupid, really stupid!!!