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Ugandan leader asked to end gay harassment

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Reader comments

  1. “The organisation’s mission is to uphold Christian values and address issues of human rights and social justice.”Yeah, right, unless you’re Gay and then you can go to hell. Well, that’s human rights and social justice out the window then!

  2. sylvia kirabo 24 Aug 2007, 11:04am

    i love uganda and the people of uganda are standing for our country values….there is no place for homosexuality in Uganda

  3. Ciaran McMahon 24 Aug 2007, 12:09pm

    Yeah, and there is no place for a backwater inbred like you Sylvia in this site, or in Europe!Who are you to say who has a right to live their own life and who doesn’t! Perhaps we should put some Ugandan’s on a slave ship for a while to remind you of your recent history… how quickly the oppressed become the oppressors.

  4. Sorry to hear that Sylvia. Think you’re wrong though. No, bugger it, I know you’re wrong. The people of Uganda include the LGBT folk you so dislike. Funny though, you people are never around when folk like Idi Amin fetch up, are you? Pity you don’t get out from under your hymn books and stand up to vermin like that but you won’t will you?Just like your bigot friends all over the world, stand up against us, yeah, no problem, but stand up against the people who use guns and import drugs and drag whole neighbourhoods down with them? Nary a one of you that I can see. No, you carry on picking on folk who want to live their lives as they were born to, much easier target that, isn’t it? Typical bully boy tactics I’d say.Love and Understanding? There’s just no place for it in your own sorry little world.Sad but true. End of!

  5. Sylvia, I would have thought you have enough on your plate dealing with the Lord’s Resistance Army that is literally destroying your country rather than attacking perfectly harmless Gays and Lesbians?!Seems you have a lot of growing up to do in Uganda.

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