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TURING: The business of outing

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  1. I totally agree with outing if they are using their power wrongly and in such a way that could harm the gay community.

  2. MotherJones 28 Aug 2007, 6:48pm

    The latest Pastor Ted scandal: he wrote an email to a local TV station news anchor asking for money while he and his wife attend the University of Phoenix (an online diploma mill). Yes, even though he has a 700K USD home (free and clear); made nearly 1/2 million USD in severance from New Life Church; ad nauseum. Unfortunately, he asked that we send our money through a “charity” run by a man named Paul G. Huberty (love the name) who is a convicted sex offender. The charity is considered “lapsed” thereby opening a lot of doors if people actually send Ted money and try to claim a tax break. But Ted says if we send him money, it’ll get us into heaven. broke the story: I suggest everyone paddle over there to read it. In the meantime, the halfway house where he was supposed to be living with his family and “counseling” to former meth heads (brilliant) has denied ever offering him a place there and, in fact, has washed their hands of him. Way to go, Ted! Also check out and for more takes on the hypocritical Ted Faggard.

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