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Homophobic Christian thinks gays are all white

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Reader comments

  1. Ryan Haynes 23 Aug 2007, 1:24pm

    Oh what a narrow-minded scum-bag. A Majority of gays are white…Well, der, in the UK they would be – go to Africa, Jamaica, Asia, I think a majority will be black or Asian. Talk about using statistics that tell nothing new.This has wound me up though. I went to the BMGA event last night as part of Black Pride 2007 and spoke to Rob and Dennis the Chai/co-chair about the work they are doing.Black gay men fight three things: race, culture and religion and should be supported on all fronts.Infact one of the gentlemen I spoke to while I was there refused to identify himself and his friends as gay but as ‘men who sleep with men’. They would never classify themselves as ‘gay’.Mainly, because they have wifes and families (yes this is true, before someone states that I am generalising) so explained this gentleman and his male friend. Even though I disagree with Mr Green’s homophobic views and those of the National Front; I disagree that the NF don’t have a reason to be there – because if an organisation is to be effectively racist it needs to be at all events, gay, straight, young, old and this we need to fight and support our black borthers and sisters.

  2. dopy dave here 23 Aug 2007, 1:27pm

    this is just a sad man who lets face it would be nothing with out all this publicity. He talks uninformed clap trap. Good luck to him. Let him waste his time on laws and ideals that are in the past and will never go beck to how it was.

  3. Ryan Haynes 23 Aug 2007, 2:22pm

    Actually we can’t because there is a growing resurgence of right-wing activism that is targetting small communities outside cities. Here is where he will cause the most damage and develop support and there is where many vulnerable young people live expecting to grow up in an equal open-minded society…But, with all these propaganda, it may never happen for them

  4. What a vile little bigot this Mr. Green is.Let him continue his nasty little campaign because it blows wide open the main churches argument that their objections to Gays is not homophobia.Of course it is and narrow minded people like Mr. Green prove this time and again.What about a campaign about the numerous straight paedophiles hidden away in the Church or adulterers, Mr. Green?!

  5. Roberto, according to U.S. crime statistics during the RC priest molestation scandal, it was found that overall heterosexuals overwhelmingly comprised the majority of paedophiles per capita, compared to their gay counterparts, aside from the actual paedophile priests. The American Psychiatric Association also concurred that paedophilia is mostly found in the heterosexual population, but when its gay paedophilia its almost always construed as synonymous solely with gay orientation. Religion is one of the oldest fronts to hide not only paedophilia but adultery and being gay that you often find disguised in heterosexual marriage where one of the spouses is supposedly bisexual. Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  6. Aww bless him. He just can’t stop making himself look a prat, can he.

  7. Ryan Haynes 23 Aug 2007, 4:19pm

    Robert, interesting point. Following a conversation I had with one gentleman last night he explained that he did not identify himself as ‘gay’ but as a ‘man that sleeps with men’ and had been married for a fair many years – as so had many of his ‘men who sleep with men’ aquaintances.When a male paedophile abuses a young boy, this is a tricky one because it does suggest homosexual connotations regardless of the fact that this disgusting representative of a human being is in fact married. And, if we are to accept a further identity ‘men who sleep with men’ (fair enough it isn’t boys) – while these males are married – then general societal thought is going to connotate this with homosexuality.Which, (confusing as this is), will continue to install the belief that paedophiles are gay scum.What a load of old trod – but in my very direct opinion, ‘out’ all men who sleep with men, remove any consideration of a further sexual identity and tell married gay men to quick fraking around!Alternatively, live by Foucault’s lifestyle.

  8. RyanIt does NOT suggest homosexual connotations at all. Gay men are attracted to other men. Straight men are attracted to women.The people you are talking about are attracted to raping children. It disgusts me that people on this blog purport psuedo-psycho crap that link child abuse with any sexual orientation.There are not ‘gay paedophiles’ any more than there are ‘straight’ paedophiles – there are just paedophiles.I don’t know why this is even a discussion here when as an earlier commentator mentioned 97% of child sexual abuse is carried out by men against female children (the same stats for the UK and US and probably everywhere else as well).Let’s just stop discussing it. Yuk!

  9. Dominick J. Di Noto 23 Aug 2007, 6:05pm

    This is just one more thing that shows just how stupid and ridiculace these fundamentaist are to say that there are few Asisans, or any nationality, or race, and that it is predominat in the white race where homosexuality is dominant. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID and assinine. Since everyone is BORN with a sexual identity there are homosexuals in every culture, nationality and race in every part of the world!As far as paedophiles goes, it is a proven fact that the majority of them are Heterosexual and they failed to report this when they went on a witch hunt in the Catholic Church where it is rampant with the priests and young girls..

  10. “Homosexuals are not black or Asian as a rule, they are overwhelmingly white, and therefore totally scrumptious from a National Front point of view.”Hahhahah…beyond parody. What a nutter.

  11. I think that each gop wil quote statistics. see quote from a blog in today’s 230 Guardian; :’Almostt all the priests who abuse children are homosexuals. Dr. Thomas Plante, a psychologist at Santa Clara University, found that “80 to 90% of all priests who in fact abuse minors have sexually engaged with adolescent boys, not prepubescent children. Thus, the teenager is more at risk than the young altar boy or girls of any age.I imagine this is why Benedict has explicitly banned homosexuals from joining the priesthood?’

  12. Dominick J. Di Noto 23 Aug 2007, 7:49pm

    “I think that each gop wil quote statistics. see quote from a blog in today’s 230 Guardian; :’Almostt all the priests who abuse children are homosexuals.”Yes because that’s ALL they report on. The blog or the statistics are not always the turth, especially in this instance. The fact still remains that Male priest who are heterosexual take young women and girls and prey on them. This is not reported because like young men, young women and ladies do NOT like to come out say they have been rapped especially when a priest tells them they will go to HELL. These priests put the fear of God in their conquests.

  13. elizabeth veldon 24 Aug 2007, 4:12pm

    the NF would discredit them?He’s a Situationalist isn’t he?Isn’t he?

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