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Nigeria ‘gay wedding’ accused will not face death penalty

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  1. It’s another example of that “religion of peace” meting out justice again.Nauseating!

  2. “In Bauchi state alone there are 40 people awaiting amuputation of one or both hands for theft.”Sharia law is barbaric. And we have callc for this crap to be introduced bit-by-bit in this country.These people are as gay friendly as the Nazis. Difference is, you can criticise the Nazis without some idiot shrieking “Naziophobe!”

  3. elizabeth veldon 10 Aug 2007, 10:30pm

    Sharia law is barbaric—Id agree with that whole heartedly.Never said anything otherwise.

  4. Excuse me Elizabeth. If you are now stating that Sharia Law is “barbaric”, and it is Sharia Law that is being used to hang Gays and Lesbians in Iran, how come you refuse to condemn Iran’s use of the rope to murder Gays and Lesbians and attack people like me on this site who dare to criticise Iran for the disgusting practice?Methinks the word “Hypocrite” springs to mind!

  5. elizabeth veldon 12 Aug 2007, 5:19pm

    as i pointed out before I HAVe atacked them, i HAVE critisised them but you choose to ignore that so you can have a nice convenient target.

  6. Elizabeth, precisely when and where on here have you even remotely criticised Iran? All I remember are your attacks on me and others where you equate our criticisms of Iran as being “racist”!?As Islam isn’t a race I and others have yet to understand you and have said so.In the last news about Iran about to murder yet more Gays you were totally silent and failed to condemn and I rightly accused you, as I do now, of being an apologist for Islamofascism.

  7. elizabeth veldon 12 Aug 2007, 6:08pm

    here in past stories, on the Outrage! website, on my own Livejournal blog…Here i critisised them for this and silancing the Liberal Press in the last week – or did you miss that? I didn’t defend Extremists, I critisised you for calling it a (if I remember corectly) ‘death cult.’ It seems that you eqate critisims of yourself (in a similer way to the extremists you seek to critisise) as suport for your Enemy.sometimes, just sometimes, people can disagree with you without nesseseraly being in complete opposition to everyhting you say.Let me put that another way:You made what i consider Racist statments (more on that later) and i critisised you for this. In responce you acused me of being a ‘communist and Islamofashist apoligist.’ You took critisism of your own stance as suport of another persons. You could not be more incorect.Now to the ‘Islamaphobia isn’t racism’ claim…Now you’rr saying that if you critisise a religion the majority of who’s adherents are not white then you are not being Racist. Let me turn your position inside out and represent it to you. If someone was to say to you that they hated men who slept with men but then said they where not Homophobic because not all men who slept with men are Gay then you’d laugh a them but you claim that you can critisise a group of people who are (largly) non-white but not be Racist.If you hate Muslims so much why don’t you go and Demonstrate at concerts by Richard Thomson as he’s a convert.

  8. elizabeth veldon 12 Aug 2007, 6:28pm

    oh yes:and I suspect that the single minded atempts to drag me into a fight over this issue wil lcontinue on other threads here?

  9. So Elizabeth, you clerarly still refuse to condemn the Iranian hangings. As I said before, shove on a burqua and go to Iran yourself. Hope you are good at stone throwing?!

  10. As a native of Nigeria, and from a Shari practicing state I can certainly say that Sharia appears barbaric. Women have been denied justice just because it was their word only, against a man’s. The testimony of one woman only equaling that of two men! In one case of adultery, in which a child was born, The man denied, the ‘judges’ rejected DNA on the babay, as not being in the Koran and hadith and sentenced the woman to death whilst the man went scot free! These are real life staories, just as the amputations. Men being made made handicapped by ‘law’. Be thankful that you are not subjected to it.

  11. elizabeth veldon 12 Aug 2007, 7:10pm

    and as I said, Robert, I HAVE critisised them but you refuse to accept I have because to do so would be to leave yourself open to critisism.OK: I condem utterly the use of religion in any form as a means of opressing others. This includes the use of Sharia (sp?) law to excuse the exicution of groups seen as imoral (Queers, women who act in an ‘imoral’ way by talking to men, women who leave their abusive husbands, women who have been raped), the use of ‘Christian’ Doctorans to limit the freedom of Queer people, Women, Children and Racil minorities. i also condem the deliberate misrepresentation of Holly Texts particularly when this is used as a justification for the above. I also wholly condem the involvment of any and all Religious groups and denominations in the operation of the State.So now i’ve explicitly stated this would you care to actualy discuss my critisism of your stance without resorting to the unasalable position of ‘Victim.’To Rahila (I apoligise I didn’t get onto you sooner):I’m truelly glad that I live in a (more or less) Ceculer State. I can only imagine what life under Sharia law should be like. I’m happy that you escaped it.

  12. elizabeth veldon 12 Aug 2007, 7:15pm

    Rahila:i understand, from my own reserches, that Queer and women’s rights in some parts of Africa are, shall we say, something short of progressive.I ussume (from your post) that you have escaped this?

  13. Thanks Elizabeth,I can only speak for Nigeria. Women’s rights are enshrined in the civil law, but many are bound more by by their traditional laws and Sharia, which are not always women friendly. Apart from Sharia and the civil laws, I do not know any traditional laws that deal with Gay issues. They are simply not known in most. In respect of my tribe, I once asked my grand mother specifically, and she could not even conceive of such a concept. I now live in the Netherlands, but not as a refugee.

  14. elizabeth veldon 13 Aug 2007, 10:52pm

    thankyou for your information concerning this.My knowlage on it was a little shaky to say the least.i beleve in one concept of Shari (sp!) law small local courts would have juristiction? How does this tie in with the concept of a moraly pure state enforced by the state as we see in (for instance) Iran?

  15. yrs. The islamic courts have jurisdiction over sharia issues. Thsi is why many of them get overtunred if appeal is amde to the civilcourts. The snag is that, unless one’s case becomes a ‘cuase celebre’, (e.g the death penalty cases,) sharia punishments such as amputation are common.This makes people in non Sharia states very resentful since the Sharia amputees, (diabled by the State then flock to those states to become beggars, there.

  16. OMAR KUDDUS 18 Feb 2008, 5:29pm

    I am sorry to “hijack “an important news issue but it is important and related as all lives are important to save.This is a plea to save an Iranian young man who is to be deported back to the UK from the Netherlands, under the Dublin treaty.Mahdi has already been refused asylum in the UK and shall certainly face horrific torture and most likely execution if the British government is allowed to send him back to Iran.A campaign must be started to prevent this from happening, especially as the young lad had already suffered and is now going on a hunger strike.Your support, and advice is requested as if we in the west allow this fellow homosexual man to be executed, then we are no better than those who actually perpetrate the crime, for sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other.I implore you, to make your voice heard as it can and shall make a difference.Please help and support this young man who has gone through hell and back and faces certain punishment if not worse if he is returned to Iran, due to the barbaric regime and his well publicised case. I would appreciate any suggestions, and feel that a campaign is immediately mounted to draw attention to this matter and save the deportation. Please do not let another fellow Homosexual human being suffer just for his sexuality that we take for granted in the West.This case needs as much media and individual pressure as possible and your help and assistance is requested. Further information on Madias case can be found on the Web and also under my name, if you need further background.PLEASE, PLEASE do not let the British Government send another Iranian to his death.I have just received this email from Mahdis Uncle.Dear All, I had a call from Mehdi this morning 18/02/08 11.00 am UK time, He informed me that he is due to be deported to the UK on the 26th Feb 2008. from Schiphol ( Amsterdam Airport ) 8:00am local time to Heathrow ( London airport) i would imaging 8.30am local time. He is in a very depressive mood and they had to put him on a suicide watch. He is planning to go on hunger strike, he told me and I am extremely worried about him. Any suggestion please. Best regardsSaeed.

  17. Petition for two gay Iranians facing death is at:How many more others are there?

  18. Bill Perdue 18 Feb 2008, 9:50pm

    Omar, this is terrible news. Here is the link to the Netherlands Miistry of Foreign Affairs, Division of Aliens, Visas the Movement of Persons, Migration and Alien Affairs Department (DPV/VV). Should we message them and can you write a sample message for us with a short biography including his full name if possible and a political recap. If they succeed in deporting him to England what is the best address to lodge protests and pleas?

  19. OMAR KUDDUS 19 Feb 2008, 10:59am

    Some Links to Mehdi’s story… on Mehdi, Gay Iranian Teenager Is Facing Deportation From U.K. by Omar Kuddus … Gay Man Sentenced to Death, Immediate Intervention Necessary ” Gays … – 38k1. – Gay Iranian Teen Awaits Decision of Dutch Court Over Return to UK… of homosexuals, claimed there were no gays in Iran. … Omar Kuddus Leicester, England. POST A NEW COMMENT. User Name. Password. Subject. Comments … – 79k – Cached1. – Gay Iranian Teen Awaits Decision of Dutch Court Over Return to UK… of homosexuals, claimed there were no gays in Iran. … Omar Kuddus Leicester, England. POST A NEW COMMENT. User Name. Password. Subject. Comments … – 73k – Cached1. 2007 December 02 ” Gays Without Borders… Prisoner Amnesty To Exclude Gays. Mehdi, Gay Iranian Teenager Is Facing … Omar Kuddus on Iran: Two Young Men to Be Thro… Gay activist fields … – 158k – Cached1. They Hang Gay Teenagers, Don’t They? | Slog | The Stranger | Seattle’s Only NewspaperThis is bad for gays, and free speech, and many other things. … Posted by Omar Kuddus | December 29, 2007 7:26 AM. Comments Closed … – 65k – CachedNineteen Year Old Says I Am an Iranian Gay’Don’t Leave Iranian Gays Abandoned. By Mehdi. … International Gay Human Rights Group Deplores Ahmadinejad’s No Gays’ Statement. … – 17k – Cached Christmas Gift from Netherlands for Gay Iranian – One Way Ticket to UKMehdi, the young gay Iranian who fled the United Kingdom in April, could be back … Don’t Leave Iranian Gays Abandoned. By Mehdi. … – 22k – Cached .Mehdi, Gay Iranian Teenager Is Facing Deportation From U.K. ” Gays Without Borders… has ruled that Mehdi, the gay Iranian teenager, has to … Israel to Expand Adoption Rights for Gays. Albertans Raise Money to Send Kids to Gay Camp …… – 279k – Cached 1. GayBusinessWorld – Gay Careers – Lesbian Careers – gay lesbian business web site (gay lesbian careers and jobs)UK Gay News highlighted the plight of 19 years-old Mehdi in April following the … in the Netherlands has a moratorium on returning gays to Iran. ……ID=2415snippetset=yes®ion=164 – 51k – – Christmas Gift from Netherlands for Gay Iranian – One Way Ticket to UK… has ruled that , the gay Iranian teenager, has to be … Iran Executes 21-Year-Old Accused of Gay Sex as a Teen … – 74k – Cached Gay Iranian Teen Awaits Decision of Dutch Court Over Return to UKUK Gay News highlighted the plight of 19 years-old Mehdi in April following the … in the Netherlands has a moratorium on returning gays to Iran. … – 8k – Cached 1. Gay Iranian Teen Awaits Decision of Dutch Court :: Gay Republic Daily :: international Gay newsUK Gay News. Gays Without Borders. Michael Petrelis. DIRELAND. Peter … UK Gay News highlighted the plight of 19 years-old Mehdi in April following the …1. – 20k – Cached 11. News — IRanian Queer Organization – IRQODon’t leave Iranian queers abandon! – Statement of Seyed Mehdi Kazemi … Formerly Persian Gay Lesbian Organization – PGLO. 001 …2. – 20k – Cached 11. Gay South Africa Lifestyle | News | DatingThe Leading Gay Lifestyle News and Dating Website in South Africa … the Netherlands has ruled that Mehdi, a gay Iranian teenager, has to be returned …3. – 20k – Cached

  20. OMAR KUDDUS 19 Feb 2008, 11:04am

    Bill I will send all the info regarding Mahdi and his case. It is also on my web/group page.My heart really goes out for this kid, and what you say about the British Government is correct.I’m going to also do a petition to Downing Street.I flatly refuse this kid to be sent back to Iran.I have sent and highlighted this case to every gay website in England and the US that I can get hold of as this needs our support.Please also do what you can.Haven’t done Amnesty international as yet, but gays without borders and lots others have been informed.we Should send a message to them and I shall be writing a sample message for all with a short biography including his full name and a political recap, later today.It should be on my group page but will also paste it on this link..I haven’t discussed a plan with Peter as yet as I was too upset and trying to come up with my own agenda and actions yesterday. More later.

  21. OMAR KUDDUS 19 Feb 2008, 3:58pm

    REPLY FROM STONEWALL RE: MadhiDear Omar, Thanks for getting in touch. Stonewall are not expert in matters of asylum claims or international LGBT rights. In fact, our remit under the Charity Commission is limited to England , Scotland and Wales . Given that we are not experts in the matter, we do not lead campaigns on gay asylum seekers or help in individual cases. Instead, we defer to the following organizations who do work specifically in this area and are able to advise further: The UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group: 0207 922 7811, Aid: 020 7377 5123, Joint Council for Welfare of Immigrants: 020 7251 8708, Legal Centre: 020 7780 3200, Advice Line: 020 7780 3220, International Gay and Lesbian Association (ILGA): http://www.ilga.orgThe International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Coalition: Human Rights Watch, LGBT campaign:, We are aware that there can be problems when gay people seek asylum in the UK and then face the prospect of being sent back to a country where it is not safe for them to be. This is indeed a matter of concern, and it is one which we intend to keep an eye on. As I have said though, we are certainly not experts in this field and as such do not campaign on the issue.I do hope that this information is helpful.Kind regards, Helen WardInformation Officer Was this information useful? Send your comments, complaints and suggestions to, or fill in the attached feedback form

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