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Nigerian bishops to boycott Anglican conference

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Reader comments

  1. “Good riddance”, I say.

  2. Ta, Ta, bigot!

  3. Andy (Dublin) 22 Aug 2007, 7:56am

    Oh, boo f*cking hoo, the bigot wont come and play nice with the other bigots. The sooner people realise they don’t need this stifling religious crap, or people like the backward Mr. Akinola, the better humanity will be.

  4. Sister Mary Clarance 22 Aug 2007, 8:23am

    Crusade! Crusade! Let’s all fly over and have a crusade. We’ll show ’em!I’ve still got some combat trousers from American Retro that I got last year. I know they’re last years, but I’m sure they won’t notice over there. Mind you I bet a get to sit next some vicious queen on the plane on the way over.Saying that, I assume we’ll fly. I’ve only got four days holiday left, so although a boat trip might be nicer, little stop off on the Cote d’Azur, Gambia …. ohhh, I’m talking myself into it.What do with do about prisoners? I mean those bigoted pigs, are lower than dogs in my eyes, but we can’t just kill them all (thoughts please), and crucifixion is definitely out! We could bring ’em all back here and stick them on an island, its a bit off the wall, but I like it. Trouble is where. Isle of Wight, probably a bit of local opposition …. Ireland, probably the same again …. Canvey Island … Essex, bit damp already a shanty town there, sounds perfect! Canvey Island it is.So who’s with me then? Does anyone have any sun block? … and carrot oil, must have carrot oil (gives me a lovely colour)

  5. With the way things are going,witches,paedophiles,psychos and lunatics will soon start demanding for their rights to be ordained as ministers in the church !The church is not a social club.Like it or not,agree with the bible or not, believe it or not, fact is,the wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God !Turn or burn!

  6. Oh dear Charles, didn’t anyone tell you. Paedophiles are already welcome in the church – just take a look at the Roman Catholic Church!As for Witches, er, excuse me, but didn’t the church sanction, justify and burn Witches in the past?!You are one sicko Charles.

  7. Charles, I wonder if you are a member of the ” God hates Fags ” gang that Police are having to be vigilant about as the gay Community celebrates in Manchester at the Weekend. I am gay, a follower of Christ and have no intention of considering being a minister in such a homophobic instituion as the church!You may be aware that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality during his ministry unless you want to put words in his mouth but rather rocked the established order with calls for a new social justice….. I wonder rather than your vitriol do you campaign for social justice

  8. Roberto, you’re so right about that. Paedophilia is as old as the church itself, from the popes down, and many of them are heterosexual paedophiles but homosexuals take the heat for all of them, like anything else that goes wrong in the world and in society at large. What can you expect from a sick institution that harbours molesters and tries to cover it up by moving priests from parish to parish, nothing new there. No witch hunt of the seminaries or monastic houses for that matter is ever going to stamp it it out but only hasten the demise of the institution itself, we’re already seeing it with vocations down, the lowest ever, churches and seminaries closing. Good riddance to evil!Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  9. God loves all men (and women) irrespective of their sexual orientation or moral condition.However,God hates our immoral and sinful habits and activities.Please read the book of Romans chapter 1 verses 18-32 and the book of Galatians chapter 5 verse 19-21.It is sinful to hate anyone,so i hate nobody.However, it our duty to warn as many as are deceived to turn from their unclean ways ,embrace Christ,forsake sinful lusts,and flee from the wrath to come.Remember the case of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-29.There is no escaping Divine Judgement if we reject God’s love and persist in sinful rebellion. God will bless you as you make your way to Christ.

  10. Goodness me Charles!Such delicious relish in punishment, torment and suffering! Were you having little wank when you wrote that last post?

  11. Alan Warbrick 23 Aug 2007, 7:39pm

    Charlie boy…, now just listen to me here…this is Alan speaking, so calm down and put your bible away for a minute.Like Freddie Phelps, Patsy Mckeever, and Ruthie Kelly, you all actually revel in your own personal torment of mind, body, and soul. Why do you all love being ‘punished’ so much, what do you hope to find in it through self-flagellation, the path to God and enlightenment through pain and suffering ?. You deliberately torture yourselves mentally, and all in the name of religion, but why ?. At the same time you transfer your own instabilities and mental anguish on to others whenever you feel that you can’t cope. I’m not saying that religion is wrong here, just that it has more than lost it’s way. Even in the middle-ages the Church was all-powerful, taking money off the poor and would rather see whole families starve as long as they upheld the ‘glory’ of the church. In the 16th century the church’s paranoid and psychotic behaviour led to thousands of men, women, children, and even animals, being burned as witches, and simply because most of these people were old women using herbs for the good of their local community, or men and children who happened to be born with Downes syndrome or some other physical disability. In the 30’s we had that psycho Hitler trying to convince himself and his nation of his ‘purification’ of the human race, and his own ‘Divine’ immortality by persecution of anyone against his mis-guided religious beliefs and ideals, and all with the connivance of the Pope and the Catholic Church at the time. In the 1960’s we had the scandal of the Magdalen homes, and currently we now know of the abuse and paedophilia of nuns, and priests in ‘care’ homes today, all of which has still been covered up by the churches.No Charlie, it’s gone on for far too long, and your rant and rhetoric no longer has any relevance to today.I suggest you get yourself off to your nearest S M club where you can be thrashed and beaten and scream your heart out in what would obviously be to you, religious fervour, and delight.Alan.

  12. Allplease remember:a fundie doesn’t love his or her god (and christ) quite as much as s/he hates queers (they do have a thing about homosexuality!), sinners generally, and Xians of other sects. In short they look forward to everyone else burning for eternity, regardless of their claims of “loving the sinner”

  13. Ciaran McMahon 24 Aug 2007, 12:15pm

    “forsake sinful lusts”Oh, god, ANOTHER religious twit with repressed sexuality…. why do they ALWAYS have to have issues with sex?!? Is it erectile dysfunction’s that motivate them or what is it? Can’t get it up, so blame Jesus, and stop everyone else enjoying themselves…

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