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Gay MP’s wedding sparks media frenzy

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  1. Ms. Pritchard, with all due respect, please stop using the term “gay marriage”. It is a term that, at least on the American side of the pond, is inflamatory, inaccurate and counterproductive to the cause of marriage equality.I suggest that your headline should have read, “Gay Canadian MP’s marriage arouses media frenzy”.Do you see the difference? Do you recognize the importance of the difference between the two versions?When you say “gay marriage” you indicate that it is something other than REAL marriage. You indicate that it is something set apart. You even play into claims of those who say that gay people are asking for “special rights”.Mr. Brison didn’t have a “gay” marriage; he is a gay man who got married. He didn’t marry his gay partner; he married his male partner. We’re not fighting for “gay” marriage; we’re fighting for marriage EQUALITY for same-sex couples. We’re not fighting for a new institution, all our own; we’re fighting to simply be fully included in an EXISTING institution.It may seem like splitting hairs but it really isn’t. Words are VERY powerful things, contrary to the “sticks and stones” myth. Their proper use is a powerful thing. Their misuse can be a very dangerous thing.I hope you, and the rest of the writing staff at Pink News (many of whom make the same mistake) will consider this when writing future commentaries.Thank you.

  2. Your comments have been noted.

  3. Thank you so much.It’s nice to see that the writers at Pink News actually listen to and thoughtfully consider the comments of their readers.Thanks again.

  4. Techlusive 10 Aug 2008, 3:32pm

    […] new, it’s surprising that they legalized gay marriage and have gay politicians also openly marrying their gay partners, but specifically descriminate against gay […]

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