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CBBC presenter jokes about gay staff

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Reader comments

  1. Another bigoted BBC ‘talent’ speaks. Or is this O’Brien creature really just as brain dead as she looks? The BBC is soft on homophobia (despite relying on disproportionate input from LGBT people in creative and technical roles) – it’s use ‘gay’ in a disparaging way no other minority has to put up with except possibly redheads. Mind you, Kirsten O’Bigot’s got a touch of gingers about her now you come to look…

  2. Ryan Haynes 21 Aug 2007, 1:51pm

    Oh I must disagree with that posting. This is absolute classic and well – a true observation. Oh to think of all the male CBBC presenters either I or my friends have ‘had’ in the past. I understand bigotry humour in the light of Moyles and Clarkson fellow, but this is comedy – well no the ‘truth’.Would we not laugh if it had been Andy Peters saying this?

  3. What’s bigoted about it? All she is saying is what most of us who have watched more than 5 minutes of CBBC could guess – some of the presenters are gay and some of the ‘backroom’ staff, who plan what the presenters do and say, are too. The whole thing is as camp as a row of pink tents.There’s nothing wrong with that, and she doesn’t say there is. She’s not commenting on their ability to do their jobs and she’s not saying they shouldn’t be in their jobs either. She’s simply making an observation that lots of chidless gay people are involved in the output of CBBC, and that this is a bit ironic. At no point has she said she thinks that the output is bad because of this.Why is it that the minute anyopne utters the word gay, a section of the community have to leap on them and accuse them of being haters, regardless of what they have actually said? If she really hated us so much, do you think she’d still want to be in the job, surrounded as she is by all these gay people?

  4. Ryan Haynes 21 Aug 2007, 2:16pm

    Nah, media women are the biggest fag hags out there…Agreed Nick!

  5. Peter Rivendell 21 Aug 2007, 3:28pm

    I agree that it seems pretty harmless. Funny even.

  6. I think one or two people are being a tad queeny about this, her comment is not only quite funny but it is also true! I’m not offended and none of my gay, childless, child disliking friends at the Beeb are throwing artistic tantrums about it either

  7. Kirsten is so cute anything shesays is OK with me.

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