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Mormon attitude towards homosexuality softens

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Reader comments

  1. LDS is most certainly NOT a Christian denomination. It is a cult dreamed up by an crazy man in the 1800’s.The position in the new document is even more dangerous than their former, all or nothing, stance.This seems to be the latest scheme of religious groups in America. It’s the new and improved version of homophobia shrouded in faux kindness and compassion.Run, run away from these people as fast as you can.

  2. Yes, the LDS are actually a heretical cult and have nothing whatever to do with any Christianity I know?They are basically nuts the lot of them.

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 21 Aug 2007, 2:41am

    Give it a rest. A pot calling the kettle black is ludicrous. Why would you call one group of superstitious fuckwits heretical and bad and not the others? The roman cult, prots, anglicans, muslims. orthodox, animists, religious jews, etc. are all the same. They’re all composed of leaders who are too lazy to get real work and loony members who chose a bizarre lifestyle requiring them to believe at least 10 uncomprehensibly silly things before breakfast. And it gets worse as the day goes on. (I live in Las Vegas, which is not too far from SLC and is infested with Mormon missionaries, some of whom are seriously cute, and who can, rarely to be sure, be had, ala LATTER DAYS. Don’t run away from them until you’ve checked them out.)

  4. John Nicholson 21 Aug 2007, 9:33pm

    The ‘Pink’ report states that the report says that gay people do not “choose” their orientation. This is inaccurate reporting on the original document. It actually says “they may not be free of this challenge.” i.e. not free of the CHALLENGE, that means they will still struggle with the problem. If you pull texts out of context, you can make them mean anything you like.e.g. Paul tells the Corinthian women to ‘keep silent in church.’ If one pulls this statement out of the context it was written in, then the implication is that ‘women can’t teach, preach, or pray.’ And some have done just that! And Paul never said that: read it again!This ‘Pink’ quote will now be re-quoted, and eventually people will believe it. You need to be more careful!

  5. hi, I am lds, and I loved the write-up.. Many of my friends plus a sibling, brother in law + uncle are gay, I think it is about time that some of the less homophobic members got noticed.. but I guess a lot of people enjoy to focus on the more negative instead.. oop I am being a bit hypocritical here.. but you know what I mean! It was refreshing to read a nice clear fair presented non attacking view point- until i read the comments. you are entitled to your own opinion on weather you think we are all nuts but it may be unfair to call us non christian, sure there may be some members more christian living and some less so as is in every denomination.. all in all a great post I thought tho, thanks.

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