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Swedish Christians attack gay Jesus exhibition

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Reader comments

  1. George Broadhead 15 Aug 2007, 6:56pm

    Readers of this report may find the GALHA briefing ‘Jesus and Homosexuality’ of interest. Go to the GALHA website and click on ‘Briefings’

  2. Göran Koch-Swahne 15 Aug 2007, 7:20pm

    WARNING: This article contains full frontal lies. The Ecco Homo photographs portrays Jesus Christ surrounded by gays and lesbians. The Archbishop had nothing to do with showing the pictures at Uppsala Cathedral. As all decisions regarding the Cathedral this was made by the Dean Dr. Tuulikki Koivonen-Bylund and the Vestry.The 12 photographs show Jesus among trans people, people with AIDS, men in leather, AND NOT LEAST Lesbians. It is true, however, that Pope John Paul II cancelled an audience with Archbishop Hammar of Uppsala, but no reason was given.

  3. Robert Cottrell 15 Aug 2007, 11:56pm

    Will we ever wake up? One came into the world as the LIGHT to enlighten a blinded humanity? Our rejection of the LIGHT ensures we live in a world of total deceit, wickedness and darkness! Let’s face it our world is in a state of collapse! (Or are we too blind to realize it?) Our leaders are more so as the lust for power drive them deeper into blindness and self importance! Today, as never before, If my people who are called by My Name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will hear their land.Our only hope is the ONE who created us in the first place!

  4. Robert, what in blazes name are you ranting about? Are you suffering from a stroke? This is a GAY site, not an outlet for the religiously insane, so kindly f***off with this 4th century mumbo-jumbo and tell it to someone who gives a f**k.If you have a problem with the “Light” I suggest you take this issue up with your local energy company and stop bothering us!

  5. Göran, you’re quite the articulate fool, aren’t you?

  6. Robert Cottrell 17 Aug 2007, 6:24am

    There are none as blind as those who cannot see, except those who refuse to see.

  7. Er, Robert, didn’t I tell you to f**koff. Are you deaf as well as stupid? No one here cares about your retrograde religious nonsense. Yes, that’s right, its nonsense. What are you actually doing here anyway? Like the boys yourself but afraid your wife will find out? You sad little twit.Now, run along and go and burn a few books, there’s a good chap…

  8. Homosexuals will do anything to gainacceptance in a non-homosexual world.They will even try to incorporatethe purity of Jesus Christ to givethemselves some sort of justificationfor living their type of lifestyle.Jesus Christ is for Christians andnot for those who pervert His lovinglife and meaning.

  9. George, I’m with you. I think all of the trolls who come here to agitate are deeply closeted and very conflicted about their sexuality. Its beyond prurient interest I think. Their self-hatred comes shining through in their religious ranting. They just can’t face up to reality that they’re one of us. Religious bigotry is their defence to deflect who they really are. Religious bigotry and zealotry is often brought about by economic problems, people from disadvantaged backgrounds or something bad has happened to them. They find a false sense of security in religion which enables them to hate and judge, makes them feel empowered. They are to be pitied, sad, pathetic creatures that they are. Often, they are very sexually unfufilled, have been rejected or who have failed at marriage and other relationships. Unstable people at best, often intrinsically disordered. All we need do is ignore them, not even respond to their bigotry, they’ll soon find they have no audience.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  10. elizabeth veldon 22 Aug 2007, 1:23pm

    Robert:Not clossited but orginised.I can assure you that the trolls who post here are not individual voices crying in the wilderness but are insted linked to Christian Groups in the UK.I don’t think I can tell you why I know this but be rest assured, I know this by bitter experence.

  11. Sean - Galway 22 Aug 2007, 2:25pm

    Ah, for suck sake. There’s more religious nuts in these blogs than gay people discussing issues.I hate lowering myself to this level, but her goes…Hank, fuckoff. You’re and idiot and a fool, and no one here gives a wank about what you say. Robert Cottrell, you’re another muppet, so you can fuckoff too.Now, all you other religions freaks:- Go find another site to scrawl your tripe, we’re not interested in your “salvation”. You’re religious views are unwelcome, unfounded, small minded, unwanted, bigoted and have no place among us educated! You “religious” gimps are responsible for more pain, death and misery then any other war, famine, or disaster on this planet. Is that simple enough for you all to understand, or do I have to scrawl it on cross for you retarded fools?!?Isn’t there some moderator on this site who can delete all this religious crap. Fuck knows, there’s enough religious sites for these inbred halfwits to bang their paws on a keyboard for…

  12. Elizabeth, doesn’t surprise me. We have organised socalled christian groups doing the same in the U.S.A., only they’re far more insidious, even effect the outcomes of political legislation. Extremism is rife here especially in the evangelical groups, the ones who prop up ex-gay ministries trying to convert gay people to heterosexuals, but they have very little success in that area and none have provided any documentation backed up by sound scientific and clinical studies. They literally believe in praying away the gay, among other things, via aversion therapy.But, having said that, it just goes to show how very desperate they are that they dare to come to a gay website to postulate their bigotry. I’ve read the bible several times over my life and nowhere can I find any reference to Jesus Christ ever condemning gay people let alone saying being gay is a sin. I suspect that the Vatican will never allow the public to see the documents it is holding that were once intended for inclusion in the bible because of the content that probably doesn’t put present day christianity in a very good position. Some biblical scholars suspect that in those sealed documents, that Jesus Christ may have been married or may even have been gay, or that the apostles may have been gay. Something very important has the hierarchy in a state of perpetual paranoia as to why they refuse to allow scholars to view them. My take on that is, if they have nothing to hide, then why not let the world see for itself? What is so terrible that makes them so afraid to show us?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  13. um…Hank…I think you’ll find that Jesus is for EVERYONE…even those who reject him. He didn’t discriminate, one of his closest friends was a prostitute. How can you write that but proclaim to be a christian….Jesus calls for us to go and witness….I’m not sure that writing hateful and disriminatory words to offend and hurt counts as a good witness. Yours, A gay christian.

  14. Hi Rachel:Thanks for your response. You soundrational and a decent person. Canwe dialogue — I’d like to know youbetter and try to understand each other’s viewpoint? If so, I’ll answer your response.Cordially,Hank

  15. Hi Rachel:Thanks for your response. You soundstupid and a easily converted person. Can we dialogue — I’d like to know youbetter and try to get you to convert to being heterosexual and get you to see only my hateful ranting? If so, I’ll answer your response and plague you until you agree with my irrational point of view.Cordially,Hank

  16. Hi Rachel: Sounds like someone is jealous thatwe might have a nice discussion.Obviously the second “Hank” letterto you is by some threatened personso just ignore it and answer my original letter to you. I feel itwould be worthwhile for both of us.Sincerely,Hank

  17. I have nothing more to add at the moment thanks Hank. I am a female who happens to have ‘gay’ and ‘christian’ as aspects of her. I am happy, sure and secure in both of those aspects and have no desire to enter into further conversation. I am open to others’ views but not if this involves blatent discrimination and judgement. Thanks for the invite though!!!

  18. Hi Rachel Received your message and willas you wish — no more contact.Hank

  19. Rachel, nicely put!

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