Readers of can now sign up for a new, improved newsletter service.

Due to the large number of subscribers, the old system had become erratic and at times failed to deliver our lunchtime round-up of popular stories to everyone who wanted one.

Now, thanks to investment in a new system, all readers who sign up to the newsletter should receive an email update every weekday lunchtime.

There are also plans to develop a weekly newsletter and other news services, such as mobile alerts.

In September will be launching a new dedicated jobs website.

Editor Tony Grew commented:

“We are delighted that the investment in the newsletter will ensure that the thousands of people who have already signed up, along with the many new readers we have coming to the site every day, will be able to receive an email summary of our top stories.

“The new jobs website is an exciting development for as we continue to expand the site and provide even more quality content for our readers.”

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