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Tories protest homophobic group’s use of London landmark

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Reader comments

  1. The Tories are a hateful, homophobic group, but nobody has banned them yet!

  2. Are we really supposed to believe that the company who own the lease had no knowledge of this? The company being The Firoka Group, owned by Firoz Kassam who just happens to be Muslim.Co-incidence?

  3. Good for the Tories. Will we ever hear a mainstream islamic preacher condemn homophobia?I lose track of these islamic preachers of hate who openly want us dead.Should we ever criticise them, the “mainstream” islamic groups (who stay silent or encourage hatred like this) suddenly appear and shriek “islamophobia!”.

  4. I agree 100% Luke. But, don’t forget the cry of “racism” as well!!I should know as the Islamofascist apologists accuse me of it often enough!?

  5. I wonder….had this group only singled out gays, would there still be condemnation from the left or right? Probably not. Its only because this group is primariliy anti-semitic that elicits condemnation from Cameron and others which proves there is an urgent need for a hate crimes law protecting sexual orientation from hate mongers such as these. It also proves that race and religion are the first that garner protection under the law but sexual orientation doesn’t. These homophobes have no place in British society or any civilised society for that matter, and should either be deported for inciting crimes against an entire community or thrown in jail with the longest of sentences. If they hate the freedoms in our country, then why don’t they go live in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere where they will be happier and where there is no democracy or freedom as we know it? Freedom of expression is one thing, but freedom to express views that have the strong potential to incite violent crimes is not acceptable.Robert, ex-pat.

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