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Vauxhall attempts to deal with drugs ignorance

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Reader comments

  1. Seeing that Barcode is hosting Drug Idle on 14th August, I am spurred to comment on an incident at Barcode Soho at Pride the other month.

    We had to call security to help a stranger who was in obvious drug related distress. Giving up waiting for the Barcode staff to turn up to help and provide medical assistance, one of our group (a CNWL NHS Trust clinical nurse specialist in substance misuse) started to look after the guy unconscious on the floor. When the Barcode staff arrived they refused to call an ambulance. We had to ask a fellow customer to call for an ambulance on his mobile phone. Despite our mate explaining that he was a trained nurse and knew what he was doing, the security staff pushed our mate away and tried to get the bloke off the floor, walk him out on to the street trying to tell him he had to get off the premises. The security staff ignored pleas to leave the unconscious guy where he was and wait for the medics. The Barcode staff were abusive to our nurse mate when he tried to tell them that what they were doing was a bad idea (medically).

    I suggested that my mate write to Barcode and better still the local authority, as I think the Barcode staff were extremely irresponsible, selfish, and frankly dangerous. This was a guy’s life in their hands and they refused medical help in favour of getting him off the premises to so that they could wash their hands of responsibility.

    I’ve had to call medics in other nightclubs and festivals where the reaction has been prompt and responsible and with the interest of the dangerously sick at heart.

    Will the Barcode owners and staff be attending the event they are hosting?