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Church cancels funeral for gay man

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Reader comments

  1. This is the most inhuman story I have read. I was tempted to say “unchristion”, but I think that is too generous. More and more it seems that “christian” is just a justification for prejudice and bigoted behaviour.If only it were true and there really will be a day of judgement. These “christian” guys would have a hard time explaining they refused a burial just becuase someone was born gay.

  2. Laban Tall 22 Aug 2007, 8:53pm

    If that’s really the most inhuman story you’ve read, Anthony, you are a very fortunate person. As I understand it the service was not cancelled “once they found out the deceased was gay”, as the first paragraph states. The service was cancelled when it became apparent that the deceased’s family were planning a service that celebrated his homosexual lifestyle, something contrary to the teachings of the church involved (and indeed of nearly all churches).You may find it appalling that High Point Church don’t share your view on homosexuality, but don’t pretend that it was because of Mr Sinclair’s sexuality that he was denied a funeral. After all, we’re all sinners – and Christian churches hold funerals every day for much greater sinners than Mr Sinclair seems to have been. According to an article at the conservative US site :”Here are the facts. High Point Church, a non-denominational church in Arlington, Texas, had been praying for Cecil Sinclair after Cecil’s brother Lee (the only member of the Sinclair family who was a member of the church) requested prayer for his brother who had been awaiting a heart transplant.When Cecil Sinclair’s health became critical last week, the family called a staff member from the church to be with them at the hospital. In the hospital, in the moments immediately following Mr. Sinclair’s death, the family asked the staff member if the church would be open to holding a memorial service for their loved one. The staff member assured them the church would be available to help the family in any way appropriate, a response any pastor would give in that situation.Cecil was not a member of High Point Church, yet this church selflessly and sacrificially ministered to his family in the wake of his death, preparing and delivering food for the family and one hundred relatives and friends, along with many other expressions of kindness. The church offered to produce a video retrospective of Mr. Sinclair’s life for use during the memorial service. When the family provided the pictures to the church it was then that the church learned of their intention to make the memorial service a celebration of Cecil Sinclair’s gay lifestyle. According to a statement on the High Point Church Web site, one of the photos provided by the family showed a man touching another man inappropriately, along with other unsuitable photos.The family also requested that “an associate of an openly homosexual choir” officiate at the service and that the homosexual choir sing during the service. “It became clear to the church staff that the family was requesting an openly homosexual service at High Point Church—which is not our policy to allow,” the statement on the church’s Web site said. After initially agreeing to host the memorial service, the church informed the family it could no longer do so based on the direction the family wanted to take it. The church then secured—and paid for—another location for the memorial service, which the family declined. The church also produced the memorial video without the inappropriate photos.Contrary to the mainstream media reports, High Point Church did not refuse to host the funeral of a gay man. The church refused on biblical principle to allow a celebration of the homosexual lifestyle in its sanctuary, a decision most theologically sound churches would make under similar circumstances.”

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