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Lesbian murders overshadow National Women’s Day

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Deller 10 Aug 2007, 8:16am

    Having lived in South Africa for 25 years, escaping after five years of the new government’s ascent to power as we, along with many others, sincerely believe that eventually it will be another Zimbabwe, your horror at some lesbians being murdered is sad when you ignore the other more than 50 murders a day there. The Marxist ANC government is bound by its Constitution (I have a copy) to protect and give security to all SA citizens, and not to discriminate on the grounds of race, sexuality, etc. but it has consistently failed to do so every year since coming to power in 1994. The official statistics show that 6 children a day (over 2.000 a year) go missing, many never to be found again and many who are, are dead with body parts missing, taken for witchcraft. Now that needs publicity and letters to the SA government. Whites are forced to leave as they cannot get jobs due to affirmative action laws despite being highly qualified and there being a dearth of applicants for the skilled jobs. Indians and Coloureds (mixed races) are in the same position. How about publicity for these gross violations in with your items about the homosexuals in SA?