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Dissident Anglicans want church property

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Reader comments

  1. Carroll23 9 Aug 2007, 1:07am

    Excluding gays and excluding women, gay or straight, from ordained ministry goes against the very inclusive message and actions of Jesus, himself, whose entire life of inclusivity went against first-century customs. I can almost understand that Peter Akinola of Nigeria has to be against gays because he will be murdered on sight if he publicly says otherwise. But why he is so against women, especially the Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church is baffling. Why he gets away with it is even more mysterious. Where is the Archbishop of Canterbury these days?And why does he continue to “sheep steal” from congregations in the US to bolster his already too-large flock? Is it due to Akinola’s lust for power? Eventually his group will fail because a community built on a negative premise is already doomed.Regarding the St. James et al parishes court battle, it is well known that parish buildings and land belong to the Episcopal Diocese.