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Congress considers HIV treatment bill

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarance 8 Aug 2007, 2:53am

    I shudder to think how backward the US is in so many respects.

  2. You said it.Backward and quite stupid. America, the land of the free… more like land of the dumb and afraid. Their belief in their own superiority “morality” is staggering, when in truth most of them have the education and intellectual awareness of a 4 year old living under a rock on Mars.

  3. Robert W. Pierce 8 Aug 2007, 3:54pm

    It is backward on social issues, no question about that, but claims its still the greatest country on earth, whatever that means. A country that doesn’t even believe in equality for all of its citizens. The most liberal American politician is comparable to a British Tory. The three main contenders for the presidency in 2008, Clinton, Obama and Edwards are all opposed to full equality but they’re supportive only of second class citizenship in the form of civil unions that offer no equality at the national (federal) level. How can that be called equal? Sounds a bit like civil partnerships, doesn’t it, even though I’ll admit they go further than civil unions, but still not equal?Robert

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