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Black man scared me says cruising politician

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  1. Well, what delicious justice and what a total hypocrite!That’s usually the way with those who espouse high moral standards, they rarely can live it themselves and invariably get caught out in the end.So, let’s hope he gets what he deserves!

  2. Yep, Larry Flynt, one of the denizens of U.S. porn, is on a mission to out all the hypocrites in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Most hide behind the guise of religion and marriage and its quite revealing that not one republican or right wing religious bigot has said anything. When its one of their own, they remain silent, when its a member of the opposition, they jump all over it. These are the same people who say they respect the sanctity of marriage and who vote to ban gays from their civil right to marriage equality because they say that allowing us that right would threaten the very institution that they claim is reserved only for opposite sex couples. Well now, they’ve proved that THEY are the ones who are the biggest threat to marriage, not us. The more who are caught in their own hypocrisy and bigotry the weaker their argument becomes to discriminate against us. Notice that everytime this happens, its a married man who gets caught? Way to go, Larry.I wish more of this would happen in UK politics.Robert, ex-pat Brit

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 14 Jul 2007, 2:28am


  4. See where unfaithfulness leads one-Married with a child! How proud the child woudl be of his daddy..

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