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06 August 2007

  • 6th August 2007

    Black man scared me says cruising politician 4

    Mr Allen told police that he was not loitering in the public toilet looking for sex, according to documents seen by the  Orlando Sentinel.

    5:35 PM — A senior Florida Republican has presented a novel defence for his actions after his arrest on charges of solicitation last month.Bob Allen, co-chairman of the campaign to select Senator John McCain as the Republican US Presidential candidate, was spotted by police in Titusville, Florida on July 11th acting suspiciously at the men's toilets in a park.Officers decided to send a policeman undercover to investigate, and within minutes Mr Allen allegedly agreed to pay him $20 (£10) to allow him to perform oral sex.

  • John Inman’s friends organise memorial gig 2

    Mr Inman remained a popular figure after the sitcom came to an end in 1985, after twelve years and 69 episodes. photo: BBC

    4:58 PM — John Inman is to be honoured with a tribute show in London next month.He was best known for playing one of the most prominent camp characters in British TV history.Mr Inman's portrayal of Mr Humphries in the popular BBC comedy Are You Being Served made him a household name.In March he died in St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, west London, aged 71.

  • Suspended sentence for married woman in civil partnership 2

    Ms Mitchell, a mother of three children, had denied the charges at an earlier magistrates hearing in March.

    4:18 PM — A mother of five children was today spared jail by a judge sentencing her for entering into a civil partnership with another woman while still married to a man.Last month Suzanne Mitchell appeared at Shrewsbury Crown Court before Judge Robin Onions and pleaded guilty to breaching the Civil Partnership Act.The judge today decided that in the interests of her children he would not send her to jail.

  • Ugly Betty broadcaster praised for gay content

    ABC, with shows like Brothers  Sisters and Ugly Betty, received the highest ranking of the five networks.

    4:08 PM — A leading US gay organisation has revealed its assessment of the current state of LGBT representation on American network TV and singled out ABC as the best-performing network.The Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released its inaugural GLAAD Network Responsibility Index, a first-of-its-kind report that maps the quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on network television.ABC, with shows such as Brothers Sisters and Ugly Betty, received the highest ranking of the five networks.

  • Archives reveal Churchill’s Cabinet discussed gays

    Prime Minister Winston Churchill bluntly replied that the Tory party were not going to accept responsibility for making the law more lenient towards gay men.

    3:45 PM — New documents released by the National Archives give an enlightening account of the views of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and other Cabinet ministers on homosexual men in 1950s Britain.The notebooks kept by the Cabinet Secretaries contain short handwritten accounts of the conversations of ministers on a range of issues, and have just been released to the public.On the 24th February 1954 the Cabinet discussed the issues of prostitution and homosexuality.

  • Home Office grants will support hate crime victims 1

    A total of £500,000 is being awarded to hate crime and homicide support groups across the country in this round of funding.

    2:25 PM — More than £100,000 of government funding has been awarded to groups working with LGBT communities across the UK to support victims of homophobia and other forms of hate crime.The funding from the Home Office has been given to a range of community and campaign groups.The Intercom Trust was given the largest grant, £28,290, to fund their work in rural south west England.

  • Head of Diversity and Inclusion – the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games

    12:50 PM — A unique opportunity to join the HR leadership team to build a world-class organisation capable of delivering a spectacular Olympic Games and Paralympic Games event in 2012.Diversity and inclusion were key aspects of the Bid and to build on the work that has been delivered to date, we wish to recruit a Head of Diversity Inclusion.This role will be accountable for the development of the Diversity strategy and will influence across the organisation to ensure that diversity forms part of everything that we do at LOCOG.

  • Head of Equality and Inclusion – Olympic Delivery Authority

    12:50 PM — The Head of Equality Inclusion leads and co-ordinates the work of the Olympic Delivery Authority on one of its priority cross-cutting themes: Equality and Inclusion.They are responsible for developing and delivering the frameworks and strategies to ensure that the ODA, working closely with key partners, achieves maximum direct and indirect impact in promoting equality and inclusion.

  • Equality and Inclusion Manager (Impact Engagement) – Olympic Delivery Authority

    12:50 PM — The Equality and Inclusion Manager will lead and manage projects to ensure that the ODA maximises its contribution to equality, is an exemplar in meeting its statutory duties to promote equality and integrates equality and inclusion into all its business processes.You will play a lead role in assessing and maximising the impact on equality of major projects and ODA functions and policies.

  • Deputy Head of Equality and Inclusion – Olympic Delivery Authority

    12:50 PM — As part of an integrated Equality Inclusion Team (see attached organagram) the Deputy Head of Equality and Inclusion is responsible for ensuring that the ODA's equality and diversity strategy is implemented at all levels of the supply chain and through the procurement process.Your ultimate goal is to ensure the ODA leaves a lasting legacy for equality in terms of a step-change in equality practice in the construction sector.

  • Equality and Inclusion Manager (Audit Support) – Olympic Delivery Authority

    12:50 PM — As part of an integrated Equality Inclusion Team (see attached organagram) you will play a key role in the team focussed on ensuring that the ODA's equality and diversity strategy is implemented at all levels of the supply chain and through procurement.The team's ultimate goal is to ensure the ODA leaves a lasting legacy for equality in terms of a step-change in equality practice in the construction sector.

  • Equality and Inclusion Monitoring and Research Manager – Olympic Delivery Authority

    12:50 PM — Reporting to the Head of Equality Inclusion, you will ensure that the ODA's equality monitoring systems operate effectively.You will produce timely reports analysing data and ensuring that reports are disseminated to achieve the greatest effect in driving forward change by contractors, the Delivery Partner, ODA and external partners.

  • Revealed: The 237 reasons for having sex

    Three little letters create a word so powerful that it is almost indescribable. photo: BBC

    12:50 PM — A recent study from psychology researchers David Buss and Cindy Meston from the University of Texas uncovered 237 motivations ranging from attraction to revenge as the motives for sexual encounters.Their study, which will appears in the August issue of Archives of Sexual Behaviour, is just the beginning of an ongoing mission to discover just why people are having sex. Seems like such a simple question, but most people would be surprised about all the reasons behind "doing the deed."

  • Activists try to stop Nigeria’s bid for Commonwealth glory

    The final decision on which city will host the 2014 Games will be taken in early November.

    12:35 PM — Gay activists in Nigeria have questioned whether that country should be allowed to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games because of its "systematic persecution of lesbian and gay Nigerians."A delegation led by Davis Mac-Iyalla, founder and leader of the gay Christian group, Changing Attitude Nigeria, met with the chief executive of the Games Federation (CGF) in London last week to put their case.They presented the CGF with an 11-page report setting out why it should reject the bid by the Nigerian city of Abuja.

  • Sun shines on Brighton’s ‘perfect’ Pride 4

    Saturday's parade and party were the highlight of a week of Pride events in Brighton.

    12:20 PM — The UK's most gay city welcomed visitors from across Britain to its Pride event on Saturday.A huge parade through the streets of Brighton was cheered on by thousands on onlookers as the sun shone down.An estimated 150,000 people took part in the festivities at Preston Park, where fairground rides, dance tents and food stalls did a roaring trade throughout the afternoon.

  • Congress considers HIV treatment bill 3

    Providing treatment for those who are HIV-positive early in the progression of the disease is cost-effective.

    10:50 AM — Congressman Eliot Engel, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen have reintroduced the Early Treatment for HIV Act, a bipartisan bill that will save lives by allowing states to provide Medicaid coverage to low-income, HIV-positive Americans.The legislation addresses a cruel irony in healthcare coverage for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Hillary Clinton campaign getting most ‘gay’ donations

    All contributions to US election campaigns must be registered with the Federal Election Commission

    10:27 AM — A survey of US presidential campaign contributions from 'gay' areashas revealed that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual voters aremaking most of their donations to Senator Hillary Clinton.The democratic frontrunners received the most support, Senator Clinton received 48% of contributions from postcodes with large LGBT populations.Senator Barack Obama received 39% and former Senator John Edwards received just 13%.

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