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Gay bishop backs Obama for President

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 3 Aug 2007, 11:29pm

    Please accept this as a Letter to the Editor. Marx’s famous phrase about religion being the opiate of the people has never been more relevant. Religion was used to elect the most infamous President in US history in 2000 and 2004 and promises to play a big role next year. Episcopalians are semi-protestant anglo-catholics who, like their big brothers the roman catholics, are habitually mired in superstition and irrationality. One way or another their reactionary politics always end up defending the greed of the ruling rich. Churches, including their gay and lesbian leaders, are often found in the front lines of the battle against full rights for gays and lesbians. When not openly opposed to us they play a spoiling role, trying to stall militancy while misdirecting activism into ‘discourse’ and ‘reconciliation’ with our enemies. Their parasitic ‘profession’ urges the very stuff that mental illness is made from. Anglican bishop Gene Robinson’s endorsement of a Democrat, Barack Obama, is just the most recent example of this shameful clerical misleadership. Obama is a member of a party whose last president, Clinton, deliberately authored DOMA and accepted DADT and then hurried them into law to attract the votes of those demented bigots otherwise known as evangelical christians. Obama, like all the leaders of the Democratic Party, is obstinately opposed to full rights for gays and lesbians. The Democratic Party has many constituents who support us, but its leadership cynically courts our votes and then repeatedly stabs us in the back. If the worst happened and the evangelicals won and began rounding us up to send us to the showers and began to fire up the ovens, Democratic leaders wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. They are not our friends. Anglican catholicism is a watered down version of roman catholicism, and its sole saving grace is that anglicans allow their priests to have (opposite sex) spouses, thus safeguarding the asses of at least some prepubescent anglican altar boys. If anglicans want to include gays and lesbians in their congregations it’s because some of us have money and because their membership is shriveling. The predicament of religious people is that they’ve chosen a lifestyle that disables them. They flounder in stale superstition. We should welcome their support for combative and massive efforts defend ourselves and enlarge our rights, but never trust them as leaders, because they aren’t capable of rational leadership. Bill Perdue, Las Vegas, NV

  2. Bill, you’r so right about that. I don’t trust any of them and as far as the Democrats go, spineless as they are, Dennis Kucinich is the only decent, courageous one of all, he gets my vote. I don’t know why any rational gay voter would support any church or any political party that doesn’t want them. What astounds me is that here in the U.S., more than one million gay conservatives (Log Cabiners) continue voting these bigots in every four years. But maybe gay conservatives enjoy oppression or maybe they wished they were straight. What would they do I wonder if the republicans and tories reintroduced the crimilization of homosexuality? Robert, ex-pat Brit, USA.

  3. Revd Paul 4 Aug 2007, 4:14pm

    For believers, the only gay-friendly denomation is the United Church of Christ which believes in FULL equality for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. None of the others do………………………………The above comment gives the Blanket impression that no one else ios fully inclusive, its wrong!The International Inclusive Community of St Sebastians is fully inclusive and over 97% of its members are gay, everyone is fully intergrated in the ministries globaly whether lay or ordained. Here in Gran Canaria, a staunch Catholic Country the newest church to be approved is also inclusive, led by myself as a Gay Priest and working with all members of the Community

  4. Revd. Paul, with respect, Gran Canaria is part of the Canary Islands if I am correct. Its part of Spain, Spain permits gays to marry, legally, its only natural that your church would accept gay marriage and gays fully as first class citizens. However, the United Church of Christ boasts far more members than any other and the majority of its members aren’t gay as your’s is.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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