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Australian PM moves against gay adoptions

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Reader comments

  1. Blimey! Homephobia and racism all nicely wrapped up in a single piece of legislation. What a venomous individual Howard is. Under him, Australia seems to be rapidly becoming akin to most of Eastern Europe in its institutional bigotry towards minorities.

  2. Michael Delaney 6 Aug 2007, 2:55am

    John Howard is a homophobe who is still locked in the 1950’s, he is never going to adopt any Gay Rights proposals, no matter how long he continues in power, he is making my country a laughing stock. We are due to have an election within the next 3 months, can’t come quick enough, based on every poll published, he will be throw out out of office, it’s been a long long 11 years, the sooner it comes to a close the better. I don’t any gay or lesbian in my circle of friends who are waiting for that day.

  3. Howard is the nastiest little bigot ever. I can’t express how vile I think he is and how disapointed I am in my fellow Australians for voting him in for this long. The Australian labour party have been completely gutless on gay rights issues and should be thoroughly ashamed.

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