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Akinola to ordain dissident English bishop

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Reader comments

  1. Revd Father Paul Gibson 3 Aug 2007, 4:25pm

    So Archbishop Akinola doesnt want to destroy the Anglican Communion , but still happy to set up a dssadent Church in the heart of Anglicanism, contradicts itself really.It is time that Rowan Williams took on board Akinolas discrimination against others and removed him from his post and indeed de-frock him. For someone who is ordained to preach love to all…does he remember Love thy Neighbour as thy self….He contrivines the Human Rights Act openly, he openly incites Religious Hatred, he is in my eyes a disgrace to call himself a priest.I, along with many other Inclusive Priests who openly support the LGBT communities across the globe, will be issuing a public statement calling for the sacking of the Bishop on the grounds of religious hatred and not supporting Human Rights for all peopleWe are entitled to be welcomed as inclusive members of what ever church we belong and his new movement is inciting hatred to our fellow gay people across the world

  2. Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Perhaps this preacher should address that before his bigotry against gays.

  3. Akinola is basically a homophobic bully and is a disgrace to the Anglican Church.Abp. Williams should come down now from off the fence he’s sitting on and distance himself totally from this religious bigot in Nigeria.Akinola might like to remember that only a hundred years or so people could justify racial prejudice against black people and he certainly would not have been Consecrated. This was accepted teaching of the Anglican Church. Thankfully, we have moved on.Yet, a man from Africa who himself might complain about racial prejudice can so easily seek to encourage prejudice and hate against Gays and Lesbians? What a total hypocrite Akinola is.

  4. This guy is just power hungry… he see himself in charge of a “new” conservative church branch.Perhaps someone should chain him on a slave ship for a while to remind him about how those oppressed should learn from the atrocities done against them to ensure they are not repeated to others.

  5. Revd Paul 3 Aug 2007, 9:25pm

    am horrified by his loud hate speech and behavior – as are the vast majority. I agree that this mess is largely a power struggle – so very sad. The Anglican churches in the UK, US, and around the globe need to stand up to Akinola and fight back with the true gospel. We have been far too silent in our efforts to maintain unity in the Anglican Communion. I, for one, choose justice over unity any day of the week. The other thing that needs to happen, in my humble opinion, is that Rowan Williams needs to find his balls!!

  6. First of all, all the slavery and discrimination references do not count for Akinola. He is a Nigerian who has lived in Nigeria for most of his life. He has lived as a racial majority, none of his ancestors were slaves, and he has never really been discriminated against.This is a major factor in his behaviour.I don’t think he is a homophobe because same-sex relationships are against his beliefs, I think he says deeply homophobic things because it is the only thing that unites his base. Same as his islamophobia and his mysogeny.This whole flying bishop crap is just a part of that.If he focussed on real issues – poverty, corruption, development, unity, he’s have to do some real work, and maybe even (shock, horror) minister on the streets of Abuja and Legos.And Anglicans elsewhere wouldn’t care.But hating gays – that unites everyone.

  7. Anonymous 4 Aug 2007, 1:27pm

    I shouldn’t bother getting too histrionic about the ‘legacy of slavery’ regarding the Atlantic slave trade in Akinola’s case. As others have mentioned, he is Nigerian and not African, therefore the usual hand-wringing and self-immolation regarding these matters can be handily dispensed with.Moderate-sounding fence-sitters may choose to cite ‘imperialistic imposition of Western morality’ to justify Akinola’s position viz homosexuality, but I suspect that lots of people with a grievance will find others to take exception to.

  8. Is Akinola married? If he’s not, maybe he’s a self-loathing gay. I bet there are many skeletons in his close. Those who are the loudest when it comes to homophobia are often the most suspect of all.For believers, the only gay-friendly denomation is the United Church of Christ which believes in FULL equality for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. None of the others do.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit, just a slight correction about Gay accepting churches. You say that the United Church od Christ are the only ones to believe in full equality.That’s not strictly true. There are a large number of Gay friendly churches, for example:The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) which was founded by the Revd. Troy …(forgot his surname) for the LGBT community and is world wide now; there are very many Independant Old Catholic churches mostly in the USA and some in the UK like the Old Catholic Church in Europe that are 100% Gay friendly. There are also a fairly large number of other Inclusive Independant churches around.Of the mainstream you will find that the United Reform Church is quite Gay friendly too.At the end of the day if the RCs and Anglicans don’t want us then that’s their loss and we will just have to form church groups of our own. Nothing new here as many protestant groups have been formed over the centuries to enable people to worship the way they want away from the bigots in Rome and Canterbury. The Quakers are another example and Gay friendly.

  10. Sister Mary Clarance 4 Aug 2007, 10:13pm

    A vacuum is always filled, such is nature. Rowan Williams is spineless and weak and it is only nature that others should try to fill the void that he is leaving.Looks like the Church of Nigeria would have us living back in the dark ages, and if that the case, I’m first in the queue for nailing Christians to crosses.

  11. Roberto, what I meant was that the United Church of Christ in the U.S. is the only church that I know of that is out on full equality, including gay marriage (not civil partnerships or civil unions). It is not a church run by gays either as is the Metropolitan Community Church. The United Church of Christ has more members than any other of its ilk, numbering over 2 million members. I don’t know of any others that wholeheartedly accept full marriage equality and is part of their belief system. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  12. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 5 Aug 2007, 9:18am

    What’s this racket about. The problem isn’t just Akinolas rancid homophobia, that’s just a symptom of a general disease he shares with all religious people, of whatever sect or cult, large or small. Where do you suppose Akinolas homophobia originated? It’s a religious concept that derives from the superstition and overheated compulsive emotions universal to all religious people. The homophobia of the Nigerians is an anglican tradition, one which was forced on millions by the colonialist rulers of England. Anglo catholics, like their roman big brothers and protestant cousins, play host to many dangerous, ridiculous and unashamedly silly ideas, which they are ever willing to inflict on sane people. While the christians bloodthirsty hatred of gays and lesbians is cruel and vicious, its just one ingredient of a witches brew of warmongering nationalism (not the nationalism of the oppressed, but the crazed nationalism that killed scores of millions in world wars from 1914 to 1945), racism, defense of the ruling rich, misogyny, etc. No one in any religious organization is immune to the ludicrous fallacies promoted by their half-baked, gullible world view. People who choose to adopt such an off the wall lifestyle of superstition and inflamed emotionalism deserve our pity, but all the same we have to see that they’re policed to put a stop to their attempts’ to harm the sane majority. When they preach hatred and it leads to harassment, beatings, murder or the loss of jobs, etc. we should sue them and try to get them jailed. They have no right to ‘preach’ the kind of hatred that inflames lynch mobs.

  13. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Aug 2007, 3:30pm

    So, just to sum up then, we all think its a good idea and wish him all the best.

  14. Sister Mary, well to answer the question about this Bigotted bishop Consecrating some English Priests as Bishops to join his vile coven of homophobes the answer has to be, yes and get on with it will you.Once this creature in Nigeria does the deed then the fence sitting cretin residing in Lambeth Palace will have to get down from off the fence and nail his colours firmly to one side or the other.It’s a bit difficult for this idiot called the Archbishop of Canterbury to ignore things going on in his own backyard!I cannot wait for the day the Church of England is dissestablished and has to join the real world like the other churches.

  15. Sister Mary Clarance 6 Aug 2007, 1:53pm

    Roberto, I’d like to think that was true, but I suspect he’ll just bury his head further up his own ar … bottom.

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