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Liverpool homophobia report suppressed says councillor

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  1. And there’s me thinking it was just a hell-hole of a city, when in fact its a homophobic hell-hole of a city. Silly me. Well, that’s Liverpool off my holidays destination wish list.

  2. Ironic that my deceased father was from Liverpool and was anything but homophobic. This only proves that we’ve not yet reached full equality and there is much more work to do. More education in schools, more serious discussion in the media and hate crimes legislation enforced including sexual orientation are vital to get the message across. Nobody is above the law, nobody! The government should also have the backbone to recognize Civil Partnerships as full marriage thereby removing another tier of inequality. Why should any group be separate from the other under the laws of the land? In a supposed democracy, ALL people are treated equally. If these partnerships are supposed to be “equal”, then why aren’t they offered to heterosexuals who don’t want to “marry?”Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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