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Gender reassignment same as aversion therapy claims Bindel

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Reader comments

  1. Bindel opens her big mouth again. WTF does she know about Transsexuals! Must be running short of cash…

  2. Spot on. In my opinion Julie Bindel is determined to create controversy by any means possible. She’s not interested in constructive debate or comment, more a case of “here pigeons, meet Felix” and watching the feathers fly.Effectively collecting a fat pay cheque for making trouble, with a garnishing of schadenfreude into the bargain.

  3. This is such crap… for one thing, her transphobic (see the Guardian article she wrote a year or two back – definite transphobe) theories fall apart given the presence of ts lesbians and gay ts men.

  4. “…because I wanted to be a lesbian”Of course you did. We can all remember the exact moment we “chose” to be gay. Stupid cow.

  5. Whilst I understand the anger of some of Bindel’s biggest critics, I do find her style and argument incredibly stimulating. The idea that Radio 4 is producing a show of transexualism in itself is a welcomed step forward. Although Bindel’s comments should be debated and (in many cases refuted) she would do well to concerntrate her argument on the utter sexism shown towards trans people during the period of change.

  6. Wolfgang Eli 3 Aug 2007, 4:11am

    “…arguing that sex-change surgery is aversion therapy for gay and lesbian people.”Uh, Julie, gay transman here– If I hadn’t transitioned, I would appear to be a straight female. So much for your ill-informed theory.

  7. elizabeth veldon 5 Aug 2007, 8:04pm

    and then there’s the Guardian artical…that’ll be the same newspaper that argued (in an opinion peice by the same woman) that Trannies cant be raped, that they’re all Gender Fashists and that they DESERVE to be raped and beaten.The same newspaper that campained for treatment for transexuals to be withdrawn on the NHS.F*cking woman! F*cking newspaper!I’ve got to ask her: what would she make of me? I am in a long term comited LESBIAN relationship, I refuse to lable myself as a Woman because I view it as politicaly questionable to do so. But then I’m a Trannie and I identified as a Gay Man before seeking Body Modification so therefore I have been a victim of this conspiricy she sees everywhere.She’s a f*cking idiot.

  8. This woman is ridiculous! My dear friend had her surgery, she was never meant to be male, it was obvious. If its aversion then why did she have her surgery and then come out as a lesbian? By this crazy woman’s definition then my friend was practising aversion to heterosexuality I guess…

  9. Kimberley Whittaker 7 Nov 2008, 8:51pm

    Isn’t it kinda contradictive of her to call for “aversion therapy” for trans people when she and Stonewall denigate those who call for exactly the same “treatment” for gays and Lesbians ?

  10. Great reading idiocy at it’s best. Bidel’s theory shows how little she knows and or understands about people born with transsexualism. Some are attracted to the same sex, some opposite and some are fluid. If Bindel truly believes much of the nonsense she spews then why does she call herself a lesbian or say she is attracted to women. Why isn’t she saying she’s attracted to people and show that type of behaviour? Simple it’s because she(sorry Bindel for gendering you) is one of those people who want to make a name for themselves, to appear important for something. So lets let her be important for being the 21st century fool.Anyone have an ancient fool costume to lend Bindel?

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